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The Art of Wig Styling

Extreme wig art is for everyone. You can style them, change the hair design and enjoy mixing matching colors and hairdos to get your favorite look. Anyone from beginner to expert can attractively style a wig with a combination of easy tips and tricks. We at WigShopStop encourage people to Get Name Brand Wigs that are super durable and easy to manage due to lighter hair fiber and their natural look.

How to properly style a wig

If you are wondering if a wig can be styled through a gentle wiggle and shake, then it’s not entirely true. Wigs require care, especially expensive human hair wigs. You can shape them in line with your fashion statement.

Use proper products 

Always go with reasonable products which help in daily maintenance routine. This way, the wig fibers will stay intact and in good condition. These products are essential as they are explicitly designed for upkeeping a wing. Try to avoid human hair products as they are made with different chemicals.

Style a dry wig

Always wait for the wig to dry if you have washed or maintained it. It is better to style a dry wig so the fibers remain intact. Moreover, a wet wig is prone to stretching amid styling, which can ruin its shape. Be extra careful with curly or wavy wigs. Let them stay hanged for a while until all the water is removed.

Use spray bottle to freshen up

If you are not in the mood to wash the wig and wait for it to dry, then take a water bottle and lightly spray it to freshen up the hair fibers. Use your fingers to smooth down the hair and remove the fizz. This will also add extra volume.

Carefully brush the wig

Start from the upper portion to the roots by gently detangling the hair fibers and work your way down to the hair strands. Take a wig brush or wide-toothed comb and brush the hair in sections, starting from the ends and gradually moving upwards to the roots. Be gentle and avoid pulling or using excessive force to prevent damage. For curly or wavy wigs, use your fingers or a

wide-toothed comb to detangle the hair while preserving its natural texture.

Personalize a wig with accessories

Hair accessories are an excellent way to add your personal touch and style element. Add a hairclip, headband, little clips, and even glitter and colored highlights to suit your style. This will help you transform your look and mix and match like we usually do with our natural hair.

If your wig requires a haircut, we recommend going to a salon for a professional cut. You can shorten the hair, get beautiful layers, or even a lovely bob cut. This way, the hair fibers will stay flawless.

Here at WigShopStop, you get name brand wigs in various styles. Our wigs are more durable and long-lasting since they are checked as per all the standards and maintained to deliver premium quality.

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