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A beginner’s guide to teeth whitening products

There are various reasons people buy home teeth whitening products. This could be that they want a set of teeth whitening tannbleking-hjemme products they want to get rid of stains. Whatever, their intentions are, the teeth whitening kit does its job effectively. Before you embark on the home teeth whitening procedure, you must understand some facts about teeth whitening.  This guide tells you all you need to know about the procedure.

Types of teeth whitening products

There are various types of products that are used to whiten up teeth.

  1. Whitening teeth products from over the counter stores: They will help you whiten your teeth. You need to follow instructions and check for authentic “Seals of acceptance.”
  2. Whitening toothpaste: These are oral toothpaste that has been created to improve the external parts of your teeth. They are formulated with various dental chemicals and ingredients.
  3. Whitening strips: Whitening strips come with a small composition of bleaching agents. Based on application instructions, you apply the strips wither once or twice per day for a given time.
  4. Custom teeth trays: These are teeth whitening products that are made by dentists and to be used at home. Each tray has a whitening gel. You get to wear the product for about 1 hour every day for some weeks.

Teeth whitening: Are there any side effects?

Teeth whitening does not come with any hazards or dangers to make them harmful. However, the process does have some little side effects. They are irritated gums and tooth sensitivity.

Irritated gums: While applying the product to your teeth, you could feel some unpleasant feeling in your gums. However, this is only a temporary experience.

Tooth sensitivity: You could feel an unpleasant feeling around some part of your teeth. This is a normal reaction during this process.

Teeth whitening: For how long will I keep using the products?

A lot of people usually feel that teeth whitening is a temporary procedure that usually leads to quick fixes. Most teeth whitening results are not permanent. This is because we usually consume various things that can affect our teeth. The process of whitening the teeth is done repeatedly. Many whitening products are produced to be used on our natural teeth and should not be used on bridges, implants, or crowns.

How to compare the best teeth whitening products

  1. Percentage composition of hydrogen peroxide: This is a very potent compound for whitening the teeth. Check through all teeth whitening products. The ones with the highest amount of hydrogen peroxide will usually do the job best.
  2. Application time: There are several teeth whitening products in the market. They all come with different application time frames. You can whiten your teeth while on the move or you could just do it at home.
  3. Commitment level: Consider how much time you want to spend each day to whiten your teeth. Some products will usually show results after months while others will show results in just days.
  4. What is your budget: While home teeth whitening products are generally cheap, they all come at different prices. Luckily, we have many home teeth whitening products that are affordable and not as costly as the dental teeth whitening procedure at the clinic.

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