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It seems like everyone has a tattoo nowadays! Dive into the details of how this formerly taboo tradition has become an incredibly common viral trend!

Why is the tattoo trend going viral?

If you think more people nowadays get tattoos, you’re right. According to a few Research Center poll, 36% of Americans between 18 and 25 years old have at least one tattoo. Although younger individuals are more likely to get many tattoos, 40% of Generation X members have tattoos. What prompted this increase in body art popularity? Tattoos were formerly tabu; they’re still not firmly in the mainstream.

Why are tattoos so popular?

These are some of the most convincing arguments for the popularity of tattoos.

People See Social Media Tattoos

For many businesses, social media have changed games, and cultural habits and tattoos are no exception.

In the past, individuals could not find tattoo designs except by strolling in and looking around a tattoo chamber. That’s changing social media. Creative and complex designs are everywhere, from Pinterest to Instagram.

Every time you open social media, people are inspired by tattoos. Tattoo artists also profit enormously from these sites. Celebrity tattoo artists have millions of fans, and Facebook tattoo communities have millions of members who have done unique thigh tattoos designs.

It was never simpler for the general public to get information on tattoo designs, the top artists, hygienic procedures, and many other things.

TV Shows on Tattoo Culture

Many analysts attribute the beginning of the expansion of tattoo culture in the US around 2005. In the same year, Miami Ink, a popular reality TV show, launched on TLC. The show was about a South Beach tattoo studio and its distinctive individuals.

Not many people realized what was going on in a tattoo shop before Miami Ink. Few knew what the inside of a tattoo studio looked like. The performance gave them a glimpse of this society.

The proprietor of the Miami Ink business, Ami James, became a celebrity, and prominent people shouted for him. Miami Ink was a tremendous success, with spin-offs like NY Ink and LA Ink generated in over 160 countries. These shows have changed the current attitude about tattoos a lot.

People see celebrities with and want to own tattoos.

As tattoo artists became famous, they garnered more media attention. As a consequence, more celebs sought to be tattooed. David Beckham, Rihanna, Adam Levine, and many other sports tattoos are now visible. 

These tattoos are now part of their identity, and admirers recognize them. Besides more societal acceptance, celebrities are essentially walking tattoo culture ads. People desire tattoos to imitate their favorite stars or create a picture that resembles a renowned person.

Popular among the young, not the elderly

The popularity of tattoos is mainly driven by young people. While younger generations view corporate arts as a representation of themselves, older individuals generally connect tattoos with criminals, sailors, or counterculture organizations.

This hate might happen in the workplace where older generations are still managed. It is, therefore, no surprise that many rules of companies restrict conspicuous tattoos. Visible tattoos can nevertheless make it difficult for customers, such as banking, to acquire a job. 

Although the heart changes slowly among older generations, thousands of years continue to be tattooed. The broad acceptability of tattoos in the workplace among younger generations has risen. With more than one-third of young people entering sports tattoos, firms can only accept staff.

No Longer Taboo Tattoos

Tattoos normalization in films, TV programs, famous people, and social media are no longer taboo. This acceptance of the mainstream system is one of the primary reasons why tattoos have grown so common.

As noted above, younger individuals like to utilize tattoos to express themselves. People have always sought methods to construct their identity, and permanent tattoos are a means to remember that identity and show it to others.

Some of the ways individuals identify themselves include their careers, faith, families, and even their belongings like their cars or houses. Sometimes these items are tattooed.


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  • Main reason. Monkey see, monkey do. Just another stupid fad that will be gone the next generation when they come up with their own monkey see, monkey do thing. Every generation does it. That is the sheep’s type mostly.
    Regular smart people of each generation never did fall for this crap.

    September 27, 2021

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