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Your guide to summer camp to foster better child development

Summer is a time when kids and youngsters engage themselves in fun activities. Whether painting, new sports, rope courses, or drama, there is an activity for every age where the Kansas City summer camp comes into play. If your child is interested in activities and sports, then you can think of visiting Kansas City for the local summer camp. You may grab the help of the Internet to understand the different listings available on websites and social media platforms. Remember that the city gets filled with fun activities and entertainment for every age. Hence, you will never fall short of choices when thinking of summer camp in this part of the globe.

Kansas City Zoo

 If you want to make your summertime wonderful and memorable, the Kansas City Zoo will be the best choice. Starting from June 6th, the camp goes on till August 18th. They make provisions for day camps and have a particular curriculum for every age. Moreover, they have probably designed activities for children of every age, catering to their psychological and physical development. 

The Kansas City Zoo has more than 1700 animals and covers 200 acres of land. It’s a world-class animal park with fauna from across the globe. It has polar bears, penguins, elephants, tigers, and more. If you want to learn more about animal welfare, the Kansas City Zoo tour will be worthwhile. The place is attractive, well maintained, and grabs visitors from different parts of the globe. The entry and exit timings are areas to consider, but overall, the place is the best area where you can spend your day with your family members. 

Kanakuk Camp

Another premium summer camp existing in Kansas City is Kanakuk. It is for both girls and boys of age 6 to 18. It’s an overnight camp that provides teens and children with a safe, age-appropriate, and fun outdoor camping experience. The location is very close to the city center, and thereby it is easily accessible. 

Youthfront Camp

Happiness starts here. Youthfront camp furnishes a faith-building and fun camp experience dedicated to outdoor adventure. They provide day camp play for young campus and overnight camp for middle, elementary, and high school students. 

The Culture House Camp

Well, they are not only dedicated to camp but also shows and workshops. If you want to spend your summertime at a cultural house, you must visit this place. Workshops and shows include theatre, dance, art, and music. These are professionally created play and co-curricular activities under the monitoring of trained individuals.

Cosmosphere Camp

Does your child love space activities? Do they have an interest in space and the universe? Then you can send your ward to space in the summer season. The cosmosphere camp includes activities like missions abroad, Orion-based programs, programming robots, real airplanes, and flying drones. 

Nerman Museum Camp

If your child is curious about an art learning experience, you can think about the Nerman Museum camp. Students may learn directly from various permanent collections and temporary exhibitions organized in this museum. The Kansas City summer camp guide by iFamilyKC has provisions for early exploration and contemporary creation classes. 

The Rocking Camp

The rocking camp is also known as rock camp. It has a unique approach and provides students with musical training who never have had any experience in this field. Remember that it’s just a matter of a few hours, where the child gets exposure to group activity and coordinated games. They have musical training for students of different grades, ages, and learning abilities.

Camp Wood

Gift your child an unbelievable experience in the camp wood of Kansas City. For the last 100 years, Camp wood has engaged children and encouraged them to discover leadership qualities. They have week-long camping sessions to engage the campus in high ropes, archery, etc. 

Oak Hill Summer Camp

Oak Hill summer camp is a daily camp for children of different ages. They have flexible weekly camps for campers of different ages, like middle school and high school. Moreover, they make provisions for combining creativity and a play-way method to engage high energy on campus.

Military Academy Camps

As the name suggests, Military Academy summer camps build confidence and learn to lead. It will help your child develop leadership qualities but also have fun. For boys, leadership camp and confidence building are significant to take up responsible roles in the future. The same is the case with girls. Whether it’s paintball, obstacle course, or rappelling, it helps them build teamwork effort and teach leadership skills. 

Dance, song, and theatre are also a vital part of the Kansas City youth audience camp. They provide visual art classes and children’s performing centers with the help of private instructors. Remember that these are just a few activities your child will get exposure to learn something new and become independent. Hence, if you want to break the monotony and desire to expose your child to something engaging and exciting, you have to explore the different options of Kansas City camp. 

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