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Leisure time can be tough to fill up. Here are some tips on how to spend said time online and being productive.

The Best Way to Spend Your Leisure Time Online

Whilst free time can be precious as we juggle work with home and family responsibilities, it is important to mark out some free time to relax from it all.  Whilst settling down with a bowl of popcorn, your favourite drink and a date with Netflix, there are other ways to spend leisure time online. Here are some ideas which could lead to you creating more free time for yourself to follow an interest in more depth.

Home workouts online

There are several online exercise programmes so you can choose from if you are looking to feel healthier, happier, and more energetic. You can choose from any number of on-demand workouts, daily live classes, curated class collections and personalised recommendations. All offer the chance to try classes for free, with unlimited access, before you sign up for a specific exercise class. There are also variable sign up options and the ability to cancel at any time. 

Play cards

From Crazy 8s to Yahtzee you can play cards for free online and get to meet new friends. For games like poker, blackjack and other online casino card games the best online casinos to play at have free demo games where you can test out your strategies to see if you can beat the house. If you enjoy the excitement of casino games, you can register for an account and see if Lady Luck is on your side for a jackpot win. 

Learn a hobby online

Listen to podcasts

Listening to podcasts is entertaining, fun, interesting and much more. There are podcasts on every topic under the sun from history, gardening, fitness, books, cookery etc. You can listen to podcasts on your commute, whilst relaxing in the garden or out on a walk. 

It’s never too late to go back to school or at least go back to class. Make the most of quarantine with these free online courses.

University courses

If you are looking for inspiration for a new hobby, search out online courses run by universities that explore an area of interest to you that encourage creativity or discovery. Any of these courses could see you learn new skills, pursue current interests or advance your career with short online courses. 

These courses are usually flexible for you to learn at your own pace or look to upskill with specialist courses which may earn you professional or academic accreditation if you want a change in your working life. 

Release your artistic spirit

Many art courses will guide everyone from beginners to intermediates and beyond to try out new skills.

Are you looking to make some improvements in your life? Need some inspiration? Try out the best online classes available now.


This could be learning calligraphy, the visual art and skillful execution of beautiful writing that could see you writing your own party invitations or important texts. 

Fashion mistakes are easy to make. Here are some very helpful tips on what to avoid and how to maximize your style.


If your interest relates to fashion consider looking at online videos that show how you can apply your preferred design and aesthetics so you can create your own clothing and accessories designs. 

Building any business from the ground up can seem daunting. We break down starting your startup into easy steps so you can have it up and running ASAP!


If you want to build your own tiny house, take up an online course in architecture to learn more about the process and products involved in buildings, construction plans, and design.

Are you a freelance photographer? Do you want to be? Here's the best places to travel to for that perfect picture!

Photography: Lomography

Try out a new photographic style like Lomography, a style famous for creating photographs that are colourful, unique and sometimes blurry.

Cibelle Levi is an up and coming photographer based in Los Angeles. Here's the story on how she got to where she is today.

Sort photographs

An overwhelming task can become more manageable and fun when it can be done in small moments of free time. This is true with sorting out photographs that are sitting on your phones, hard drives, cloud services as well as boxes and albums of old snapshots. You may want to label each photo so you can find specific photos, or you may want to digitize older photographs. Print and preserve your favourite photographs each month and share them with your family. 

Properly managing clients to make sure they're satisfied is the key to success for any business. Check out some of the best client management apps.

Take a masterclass

If you want to learn from the best in the business, consider signing up for a masterclass. You could learn about writing from Issa Rae, David Sedaris or Shonda Rhimes or pitch-perfect lessons from Christina Aguilera, improve your culinary skills with Gordon Ramsay or find out more about acting from Natalie Portman. Whatever you want to learn, online experts are willing to share their experience with those who are beginners as well as more experienced individuals.

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