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SONO Music: The Innovative Record Label Redefining Community-Driven Music and Sustainability


One Song, One Tree: SONO Music’s Mission to Promote Sustainability in the Music Industry A New Era of Collaborative and Sustainable Music Production

Stefano Poillucci, the founder of SONO Music, has revolutionized the music industry by creating a record label with a unique approach to community building and sustainability. The label challenges traditional hierarchies in the music industry by encouraging artists to take ownership of their projects and contribute their skills in every aspect of the music-making process.

SONO Music has a step-by-step system called the SONO System, which helps to create a dynamic and interactive community of musicians who work together to achieve their goals through the tools of SONO for Artists app.

The record label is also committed to promoting sustainability within the music industry through its non-profit organization, SONO Green. For every song released by SONO Music, SONO Green will plant a tree, helping to create a greener world through music.

Through their innovative and borderless approach to music-making, SONO Music has become a global network of musicians and a one-stop-shop for artists looking to develop their careers. The label’s roster of artists includes musicians from Italy, the United States, Canada, Brazil, England, France, and many other countries.

In conclusion, SONO Music’s commitment to community-driven music-making and sustainability has made it a unique and exciting addition to the music industry. The label’s mission to leave the planet more colorful than they found it is a noble goal and one that they are sure to achieve through their innovative approach to music-making.

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