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Simple Practices That Will Maintain Your Lawn Mower

A lawn mower can be defined as a tool that utilizes one or many rotating blades to trim a grass surface to a uniform height.

This article focuses on the cost-effective maintenance practices of a lawn mower, a popular grass cutter. It dramatically benefits everyone who owns lawn-mowing machines and wishes to elongate their lifespan at the least cost.

The world has caught up fast with technological advancements in many sectors where machine labour has replaced manual labour. Despite the lawn mower price, lawnmowers are now the effective labour in maintaining the lawn. However, many tend to work only shortly and then break down.

Below are practices that will help you to elongate the lifespan of your lawn mower;

Maintain the Fuel

You are storing fuel in a lawn mower for long clogs the carburettor. You can avoid this by using it frequently during the mowing season. Also, apply a fuel stabilizer if the mower stays for over 30 days. If this still needs to be done, one could have to pay to clean the mower when the spring mowing season resumes professionally.

Replace the oil

Internal engine moving parts experience friction, which produces heat; hence oil lubrication is necessary to prevent them from breaking down. Be careful to fill the oil reservoir up to the dipstick’s recommended mark, keeping in mind that an engine can suffer from too much and too little oil. High-quality oil will enhance engine performance, lubrication, and fuel efficiency.

Maintain the belts

Always inspect the belts for cracks and worn areas to rule out any breakage and improper rotation of the pulleys. The equipment won’t have enough power to function fully if it cuts a slope and the belts are worn. Belts also turn the pulleys that have attached blades on them. The machinery will only have the full power to easily cut the grass if the straps are worn and cracked.

Purchase a durable battery.

One can increase the effectiveness of lawn equipment with a recently charged battery. A particular amount of voltage is required by a mower to run its lights, sensors, blades, starter, and coil. The battery cost is slightly compared to the lawn mower price in Kenya, thus, making it worth buying a durable battery to maintain that quality for longer.

Maintain the deck

Keep the area beneath the mower deck clear of grass clippings to prevent rust accumulation. Use water, but remember to clean the deck after rinsing the mower. Use a blower or bristles scrubber to remove buildup for difficult-to-reach surfaces. To stop accumulating on and beneath the deck in the future, one can put silicone on it.

Switch out the spark plugs.

Spark plugs are essential for burning gasoline in an engine. With the right amount of spark plug electricity, a machine will start. Every 100 hours, a spark plug needs to be replaced. Therefore, it is possible to replace an engine if it sounds harsh. Always refer to the owner’s handbook for exact instructions on replacing spark plugs.

Check the air filter.

The engine can receive the right amount of air it needs to get the best fuel-to-air ratio for successful combustion inside the machine when one cleans the air filter. If the filter is too worn to be clean, replace it with a new one or clean it with a mild detergent. Recheck the service manual to determine how often cleaning and replacement are advised.


The practices in this article make one maintain a lawn mowing machine with ease and at the least cost than could be if not considered.


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