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Ways of Increasing Sex Intensity and Intimacy

We’re constantly being told that we’d be enjoying great sex, orgasm, or relationships. However, how often do we learn the specifics of how we might better comprehend our innermost wants and most humiliating queries? 

There is no such thing as an off-limits gender, sexual orientation, or question, and all inquiries are kept confidential. Now let’s get down to business: how to make sex more enjoyable, passionate, and intimate.

Understand What Intimacy Entails

What is the difference between closeness and intensity? These are strong words that have diverse connotations for different partners. The first step you should do as a couple is to discuss what closeness signifies in your partnership. 

What does it feel like to have powerful sex, both in the time and later? What kind of emotional bond do you want to create? What was the most satisfactory sex you’ve ever had with your partner? You can’t strive towards that objective if you don’t know what it is!

Having conversations during sex 

It’s a terrific method to pump up the heat by conversing with your spouse while you’re having sex. Tell them precisely what you want to be done to you. Tease them and make them implore you for what they desire. Share your feelings about your partner’s caresses and smooches. Even modest expressions of love can bring you closer together.

Keep the lights turned on 

Another short yet helpful tip is this one. Many couples have sex at night when all of the lights are turned off, so they don’t have a full view of one other. Getting intimate in the daylight or with the lights turned on is a good idea. 

Candles give out a lovely glow, and you can adjust the quantity of light by putting more or blowing out a couple. Examine what it’s like to gaze at each other in the eyes while getting intimate. Look at your mate from head to toe.

Use power dynamics to your advantage

The word “power play” refers to when one individual is in charge while the other relinquishes control. There are numerous options, so do your homework first and discover what appeals to you the most. 

Say one individual is in charge for the night, and the other is at their discretion. You can also try bondage, which doubles the level of difficulty. Placing your safety in the hands of someone else necessitates a great deal of faith. It’s a frightening situation that can lead to a lot of intimacy.

Encourage vulnerability 

These ideas have one commonality: being open and honest with one another. The ideal method to increase intimacy and intensity in your relationship is to trust, explore your limits, and reveal your true self to one another. Empowering yourself to take these changes will ensure that your sex life stays hot for years.


With these suggestions, you can transform your sex life from drab to fab. Better yet, look into Jerkmate sex games; that way, you and your partner can a series of all the kinds of games you can engage in.

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