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Nowadays lots of creators make money selling fetish videos. We’ll talk about popular trends, how to shoot clips and where to sell with the greatest profit.

How to sell fetish videos and earn

Nowadays lots of creators make money selling fetish videos.

Today we’ll talk about popular fetish trends, how to shoot such clips and where to sell fetish videos with the greatest profit.

Popular fetish trends

Among the most trending fetish types are the following:

  1. Foot fetish. This type of fetish is expressed in an irresistible passion for human feet. Most models working in this direction make good money on the sexual attraction of members to their legs and feet. According to statistics, every 10 members have a penchant for this type of fetishism. 
  2. Femdom. Models take on the role of dominatrix managing and humiliating subscribers. To sell fetish clips as a femdom model you must not be afraid to manipulate and give orders. In addition, you will need to think over your wardrobe. Сhoose elements such as biker clothes, a business suit, large boots, or high stilettos for this role. The main thing is to come up with actions that will interest your viewers.
  3. Face stuffing. It’s a much more complex fetish type. Models working in this direction have to literally stuff their mouths and eat a lot of food in the most aggressive way. You can choose the style of the show: actively help yourself with your hands, eat with tied hands tied or just biting into the dish. Not many models can work in this direction. In addition, such work directly affects the model, namely fast weight gain.
  4. Balloon fetish. As the name suggests, this type of fetish involves various activities with balloons. You can hug the balloons, jump on the balloons or hide behind the balloons. It all depends on your imagination, but the main task is to make the audience feel that you are doing all these actions with them. If you decide to sell balloons ​​clips for money, you will definitely find a small, loyal audience due to the lack of models working in this direction.

How to shoot fetish videos for sale

To sell fetish photos & video you must understand the basic rules of the game.

Nowadays most modern platforms are optimized for vertical videos and photos, but some accept horizontal ones too. There are also webcam-like resources where models perform on the streams. However it’s not so profitable, because you can sell clips for money on several platforms at once, especially if they support the same video formats.

Modern smartphones allow  to shoot high-quality videos on a selfie camera. But, we recommend using the main camera. It provides the highest quality video which is really  important for the viewers, paying for the content. 

Try to sell fetish clips in the highest quality possible and success will not keep you waiting.

Where to sell fetish video

In selling fetish clips, like trading any other content, the key is to choose the right platform.

FriendsOnly is simply the best platform for selling content, including fetish videos. We welcome the freedom of creativity and self-expression, and have abolished censorship on our site. You can post any material that is not prohibited by law.

With our promotion tools, you can attract viewers not only through other social networks, but also directly on the platform. Our homepage is endless video stream of free materials published by our bloggers. 

Create free publications to attract your audience and our algorithms will show your work on the main page. Promotion does not depend on the number of subscribers gained, but on the quality and uniqueness of the content.

Each content creator gets a personal manager on FriendsOnly. You will have the opportunity to ask any question 24/7.

In addition, each author of FriendsOnly gets the opportunity to earn on:

  • subscriptions
  • paid publications;
  • donations;
  • streams with paid entrance;
  • selling content in private messages.

Join FriendsOnly and earn on the content you like!

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