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From unit space to facility security, grab a pen and take notes on how to find proper self-storage space for your belongings as a newbie!

Searching for Spaces: A Guide to Self-Storage for Newbies

Whether you’re moving to a new home, transitioning for retirement, decluttering your office, or even just renovating your home, renting out a storage space from for your belongings is the best option. 

By doing so, you’re able to keep your furniture and belongings in a facility that’s secure, convenient, and easy to use. You could even get a self-storage space that controls external conditions.

So, if you’re a newbie looking for extra space, reading below will provide you with answers on how to rent your self-storage from Honor Storage (our favorite self-storage company). Here, you’ll tackle options of how large or small you want the unit size to be and even the rent duration.

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How Large Should the Space Be?

You should decide the size of your self-storage space with your belongings in mind. Do you have large-scale furniture that needs to be stored in boxes and suitcases, or can you fit them all? By breaking this information down, you’re able to grasp if you’ll need to rent a small, medium, or large-scale storage space. 

Likewise, you could even check out the Ezi Storage Units Perth has to offer. Here, storage spaces are in different sizes, catering large-scale furniture of wardrobes and mattresses to small-scale rugs and home decor.

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Small Furniture Unit 

If you only need to stash a few boxes, bags, suitcases, or even minor furniture like a coffee table, you could choose a small furniture unit. Here, the space stands at 2m by 1.5m – which could be imagined as the size of a walk-in wardrobe.

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Mid-Sized Furniture Unit 

If the small unit doesn’t meet your needs, you could go for the second option. The middle-sized unit could be seen as half of a bedroom, measuring 2m by 2.5m. With this space, you could fit in a mattress, small furniture such as chest drawers, a few boxes, or even your home decor.

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Large Furniture Unit 

If you’re looking for a self-storage space that’s able to fit a bed frame, you could go for the large furniture unit. Here, you can rent space that measures 6m by 3m. You could put in bulky items such as your dining set, furniture, or couches.

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How Long Should You Rent the Space?

Although storage companies allow you to rent a unit for as long as you like, most companies have a minimum rent duration. Such entails that these companies will either offer you a weekly or monthly contract. You could even find companies that provide a three-month duration as their minimum.

On the one hand, you could look for a weekly contract if you’re only interested in short-term storage space. On the other hand, monthly contracts are ideal for renting for more than a month.

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How Much Does the Space Cost?

Although prices vary from a storage company to company, the cost of the storage space depends on the size of the area you’re renting. With this, you can expect that the smaller the site is, the more cost-friendly it is compared to the larger units.

Not only this, as your renting duration will also play a role in the costs. Here, most companies will charge you either a weekly or monthly rate. With this, you should remember to remind your company if you’re canceling your renting earlier to keep your payments at a minimum. 

Additionally, you could even ask the company about the flexibility of their payment plans. By doing so, you’re able to discuss your financial options with the company per se.

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What Other Elements Should You Also Consider?

Although the space and the costs are essential, you should also consider other external factors such as climate control, accessibility, and security. Does the company provide safety measures against extreme conditions and humidity? 

Does the space prevent mildew, and does it have a temperature-controlled unit? Asking such questions will provide you with information on whether or not your belongings are well-kept.

Another factor is the accessibility of your items. Are they accessible for 24 hours, even on the weekends? Are they accessible even during the holidays, or are they not? Overall, accessibility allows you to determine the conditions offered by your company – whether or not you can check your items at a specific time and date.

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Lastly, the self-storage facility needs to be secure. Since you’re leaving your items, you need to ensure video surveillance inside and outside, a well-lit facility, or even electronic access. With these, you can expect that your belongings are safe and secure.

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What Other Items Can You Store?

Other than furniture or easily-stored items such as books and home decor, you could even store your vehicles. If you don’t have extra storage space in your garage, you could even rent a space to store your boat, car, campers, or motorcycles. Likewise, you could even choose its storage type – whether that be indoors or outdoors!

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Although you may be a newbie at searching for spaces, with a complete guide on self-storage at your disposal, such a task will be made easier and faster! Likewise, you’ve already tackled the critical details such as its size, duration, costs, climate-control factors, and security. So, get on your search and store your items with ease!

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