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Single Patti Vs Double Patti Vs Triple Patti in a Satta Matka Game

Satta Matka is one of India’s most popular Dpboss Satta gambling games, having first gained popularity in Mumbai and then spreading to the other corners of the country and overseas. The popularity of the Satta Matka game can be ascribed to a variety of factors. One of these factors is a large number of earning resources made available by this game of gambling and making fortune.

In a Satta Matka game, for example, if the patti on which you bet is the winning Patti, you can win not just the Panna bet in Matka for that draw, but also the single number bet for that result. If the day is yours by God’s grace, who knows, you might even pick the winning Panna for the game’s final result too. After that, no one can stop you from also winning the Jodi bet, farak bet, half Sangam bets, and full Sangam bets of the day.

You must first comprehend the rules and computations involved in order to win all of these bets. In this article, we’ll go through the many sorts of betting alternatives that are offered at every Satta Matka panel. You will also learn the differences between single patti betting, double patti betting, and triple patti betting.

What Are The Types Of Bets On Which Bets Can Be Placed At A Satta Matka Game?

There are 7 types of betting options that are generally offered by the Satta Matka panels: 

  • Single number bet
  • Single patti bet
  • Double patti bet
  • Triple patti bet
  • Jodi bet
  • Half Sangam 
  • Full Sangam

Difference between Single, Double and Triple patti betting option of Satta Matka games?

What is a Single Patti/Pana Bet?

A single patti/panna is a 3-digit number in which no number repeats itself. For example, 345 is an example of single patti. 

How Bets Are Placed On Single Patti Betting Option of Satta Matka game?

Every single patti in this satta Matka betting type corresponds to a set of 12 single pattis with the same single number. When a Satta player bets on a single patti from a set, the total wager is calculated as 12 times the single patti wager. For example, if you want to bet $10 on 345, you’ll need to deposit a total of 120 dollars to make your wager on the single patti legal. The regulation was created in this manner in order to maximize the odds of winning in the betting option and so sustain its popularity.

The table below contains all of the sets of single pattis that link to a single number. You can use this table to see if your chosen patti is included in the set of single pattis that contains the winning single patti.

0 127 136 190 235 280 279 370 389 459 460 479 578
1 128 137 146 236 245 290 380 470 489 560 579 678
2 129 138 147 156 237 246 345 390 480 570 589 679
3 120 139 148 157 238 247 256 346 490 580 670 689
4 130 149 158 167 239 248 257 347 356 590 680 789
5 140 159 168 230 249 258 267 348 357 456 690 780
6 123 150 169 178 240 259 268 349 358 457 367 790
7 124 160 179 250 269 278 340 359 368 458 467 890
8 125 134 170 189 260 279 350 369 378 459 468 567
9 126 135 180 234 270 289 360 379 450 469 478 568

What Is The Payout Rate Of A Single Patti Bet?

The payout rate is 150 times the amount you wager on a single patti of your choice. So, if you wager $10 on the single patti/panna 345, you will win $1500 if your single patti emerges in the matka game’s drawing.

What is a Double Patti/Pana Bet?

In Satta matka, a double patti, a wager on the opening or closing pana, is a three-digit number in which one number repeats itself. For example, 112 is a legit Double patti since 1 in the double patti repeats itself. The betting option of Double patti resembles a single-patti wagering game. 

In a double patti bet, each double patti combination corresponds to a single number between 0 and 9. The following double patti chart will show you all of the potential double patti combinations for a single number:

Single Number Double Patti Card Combinations corresponding to the single number
0 550-668-244-299-226-488-334-677-118
1 100-119-155-227-335-344-399-588-669
2 200-110-228-255-336-499-660-688-778
3 300-166-229-337-355-445-599-779-788
4 400-112-220-266-338-446-455-699-770
5 500-113-122-177-339-366-447-799-889
6 600-114-277-330-448-466-556-880-899
7 700-115-133-188-223-377-449-557-566
8 800-116-224-233-288-440-477-558-990
9 900-117-144-199-225-388-559-577-667

How Bets Are Placed In A Double Patti Game?

The wagering procedure is similar to that of a single-patti game. If you wish to wager $10 on 112, you’ll need to play $10 on double patti 400, 220, 266, 338, 446, 455, 699, and 770 as well. This implies that to make it a valid double patti bet on 112, you would have to stake $90 on 112 in total.

What Is The Payout Rate In Double Patti Game?

In a double patti gamble, the payout rate is 270/1. If you win, you will earn 100 x 270 = $27,000 for every $100 you bet. 

What Is a Triple Patti/Pana Bet?

In Satta Matka gambling, a triple patti is a wager on the probable opening or closing pana, where all three numbers are identical. For example, 111 and 222 are legit triple pattis. 

You will only win if all three cards drawn by the panel organizer form your triple patti, and it is self-evident that the chances of hitting a bull’s eye in a triple patti game are little to none. This is why it has a far greater payout rate than the patti betting alternatives described above. The payment rate will be discussed in a moment.

First, have a look at the list of possible Triple patti card combinations: 

Single number Triple Patti Card Combination
0 000
1 777
2 444
3 111
4 888
5 555
6 222
7 999
8 666
9 333

What Is The Payout Rate In The Triple Patti Betting Option Of Satta Matka?

A triple patti bet has a payoff of 600/1.

You would just have to put one single bet on the triple patti of your choosing because there is only one triple patti combination that corresponds to the single number. In this game, unlike the other two, you cannot improve your odds of winning.

Final Winning amount: 

If you bet $10 on 777 and it comes up in the draw, you’ll win $6000. The amount of your award will be determined by the percentage of commission taken from your winnings by your bookmaker.

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