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How to Properly Ride An Electric Bike

It is not enough to have an electric bike in your possession; you should actively try to get more from your e-bike by brushing up on some basic ways and techniques that are perfect for building your confidence while enjoying a jolly ride through town especially on the open road.

Enjoying a leisurely ride on an e-bike most probably requires the same level of skill required to ride a conventional bike. However, you must ensure you are getting the best riding experience while you are at it; otherwise, what are you at while you are at what you are at?

can do sometimes is give it your all. Do not be ashamed to give your riding your all, especially when you have a fitness or health reason for riding. It is important to make sure you are duly riding your bike and enjoying its benefits, especially as a beginner.

KBO e-bikes are built to give you that general feeling of comfort and convenience when enjoying a ride, be it to the grocery store or on a 100-mile run. Go out and get riding; use the pedal-assist mode if necessary. You have five assist levels to use as you wish. The point is to make sure you ride properly and enjoy its benefits like any rider.

It is important to learn and understand how to drive an e-bike and shift properly, which could prove a little difficult if you are used to riding hub motors. The following are tips to guide you on how to get riding an e-bike properly.

Tips For Properly Riding An Electric Bike

Starting Out

Now you have acquired your e-bike, and you want to start practicing some things, fair enough. Having a desire to spend time outdoors on your e-bike is a good place to start your riding journey.

However, it is essential to understand that riding an e-bike makes it easier to accelerate and maintain speeds compared to a conventional bike. This is why you should keep a watchful eye so you are not caught by surprise when starting out riding an e-bike.

It will be like a new world, with the opportunities that allow you to slip through traffic, traffic signs guiding e-bike travel, and the meeting of other riders along your way.


Your e-bike’s drivetrain is quite important and should be treated as such. A powerful mid-drive e-bike will still have to go through the drivetrain to deliver perfect function. Your e-bike gives out much more power and torque than the average human peddler can generate. Where the human can give out about 250W of power, a nice mid-drive e-bike can do 500W to 750W, or even more. This is why it is important to learn to shift properly on an e-bike, as the key to mid-drive motors is basically to keep it spinning. These are e-bikes that do not like high resistance keeping them on lower RPMs.

With the higher resistance, more heat will be created, and more wear will be obvious on the internal components and internal gears. The drivetrain will also be affected if you place too much resistance. For instance, trying to ride fast constantly with your chain on the smallest cog of your gear system. Of course, you can use the smallest cog, but it is meant for when you are riding at high speed already.

This placing of the gear on the smallest one often is a mistake many people tend to make, and when you start from a stop on that high gear, you can probably hear the motor straining or even your chain making popping noises.

What you should do when starting from a stop is to start on the biggest gear so that when you have to come to a stop, either at an intersection, you can downshift instead. You do not need to go all the way to first gear again, first gear being useless generally except for climbing a super high hill.

Now, when you go to “start” again, your motor will be spinning much better and happier due to less resistance on the motor. This also translates to less wear and tear on the gears inside the motor, on the chain, and on the gears and cogs of the rear wheel.

Gear Sensors

Now, as you are picking up speed and enjoying riding, you can start upshifting into the higher gears. What you would want to avoid at this point is running through the gears to the top gear while you are pedaling or throttling.

Gear sensors are important because they cut power to the motor for a split second while you are shifting. Even with this, you should let off power for a brief second so you are not shifting under load. This means you should not start shifting through the gears simultaneously as you are pedaling hard or going full throttle.

The danger is that as your chain is hopping from cog to cog, a high power pull from the throttle or giving a strong pedal-assist could cause serious damage to your chain or even break it. What you should know is that there are other ways that you can let off the power.

If you are on full throttle, you can let go of the throttle for a split second. You can then introduce your shift right as you let go of the throttle. As you do this, your chain will slide in place nice and easy, and you can go back to using the throttle.

If riding pedal assist, you can reduce the power just a little bit or reduce your pedaling somewhat and give the shift, then go back to the assist level you were on.

In Conclusion

The best advice we can give is to listen to your motor. You may hear the sound of grinding gear or popping sounds if the motor is not being used wisely. You will hear when it is working with strain on the drivetrain as you bear in mind that whatever sounds wrong is probably wrong. Remember, hurting your drivetrain can drastically reduce the lifespan of your e-bike.

Try as much as possible to avoid always riding on the smallest cog. If you find yourself going downhill or in other low resistance situations, try switching to the highest gear.

The key is to always bear the drivetrain in mind and choose a more secure option for speeding so your e-bike is more durable.


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