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Ready for a promotion but don't know how to get there? Here are 8 effective ways you can show your boss that you're ready for a higher position.

8 Effective Ways to Show Your Employers You’re Ready for the Promotion

I recently was listening to a Twitter space about how the little things matter in a workplace. One of the speakers narrated how he got his first promotion at work. And guess what, it was the result of the smallest thing.

According to him, the company he worked at got sold to this Spanish owner who asked that all desktop wallpaper in the workplace be changed to the company’s live logo. He quickly raised his hands and offered to do it because he has experience on how to set live wallpaper in Windows 11

The boss didn’t object because he thought he was one of the IT guys in the company – whereas he wasn’t. So, the next day, the boss walked into the customer support section and found the guy on the seat. Out of curiosity, he asked him if that was his department, and he answered yes. From that conversation, the boss realized he has the skills and qualifications that match a higher position in the firm. 

To cut a long story short, it wasn’t long after that that he got transferred to another department and a better position in the firm.

How to show your employers you’re ready for promotion

In the story above, it was the littlest thing that opened doors for the guy. In your case, you may not be so lucky. You may need to do a bit extra to show your boss you deserve a promotion in the company.

In any case, below are some tips to help you.

Make life easier for your boss

“Good morning sir, I learnt how to do this in my third year in school. I can help out.” “You can leave that sir, I’ve got it handled.” “I will go home and familiarize myself with this concept so that I can assist you tomorrow.”

Actions like these are what get you promoted quickly.

Look, your bosses are humans, too. Given a chance, they would gladly pass on their responsibilities to others. Unfortunately, they can’t because they don’t trust that others (especially those below them) can deliver the same results.

Show your boss you’re well-equipped to take the baton and watch whether he won’t consider you for promotion. When your boss can confidently work from home knowing you have everything handled at work, he will feel compelled to raise your level higher than your colleagues.

Show that you’re evolving and becoming more efficient 

Whereas others would spend the whole day completing their tasks, find ways to finish up faster. When your boss sees that you’re more efficient than most, he will surely consider throwing in additional responsibilities. And where extra responsibilities go, promotion follows.

To be more efficient at work; you may need to improve your working arsenal – i.e., get some tools for yourself. This can be simple task management software, task completion tools, IT tools, etc. You might be lucky to find some available for free download. And you might need to pay for some. Don’t budge; remember you have to spend money to make money.

I work with a digital marketing firm, but I have my own personal flowchart maker I use to break down tasks. This helps me finish up quicker than most of my colleagues. I’m lucky this tool is free. But even if it was a paid service, I’d still have gotten it.

Make yourself indispensable 

Make the company rely on you so much that your boss will plead with you to stay back when you ask to take a break.

That’s becoming indispensable.

When you’re indispensable at your workplace, the promotion will come naturally. Your employers will recognize the value you bring and will ultimately attempt to tie you down permanently.

Let me paint a random picture of this so you can better understand the importance of becoming indispensable.

When a football player is doing so well for a football club and other clubs are trying to pry him away. What do most clubs do to keep their prized asset from moving? They offer the player a raised salary, give him an iconic jersey number, and in some cases, offer to make him the team captain.

In short, because he’s indispensable, they will attempt to tie him down at all costs.

You, too, need to make yourself indispensable. How can you manage that?

  • Maintain high standards
  • Surpass expectations
  • Hone and exhibit an exclusive skill
  • Add rare value to the organization and your job role
  • Be an idea bank

I can personally attest to the effectiveness of that last part – being an idea bank. Our current digital consultant started as a regular marketer. But in three years, he’s climbed so high up the organization’s ladder. And I can tell you it’s because of his ‘creative value’ to the company. The guy always has an idea when the company needs one. Recently, he came up with a crazy SEO strategy that’s yielding results on a daily.

Raise the level of your colleagues 

You may think no one is noticing, but your employers actually are. Finishing your tasks quickly and offering to help others where they’re stuck is a good sign of a leader.

When you consistently demonstrate this attitude, even your colleagues will speak highly of you.

Yes, the results may not come instantly, but keep doing it. Look around for people who’re stuck with their assignments and offer assistance. Doing this over and again will earn you a sound reputation at work.

Be careful not to come off desperate. If you offer to assist someone and they refuse, respectfully leave them be. If someone doesn’t look like they need help, don’t suggest that you want to help them. 

In short, mind your boundaries. But keep your eyes out.

Ask for a promotion outright

Sometimes, promotion may not even be on the minds of the management. 

When this is the case, it makes sense to walk up to your boss and ask for it. 

Mind you; you have to sound convincing when making your pitch. Importantly, you want to state how your direct inputs have helped the company grow its business. Also, you should state how you occupying the new position will potentially take the business to the next level.

Avoid anything that may taint your image

The period you’re seeking promotion is when you need to avoid all forms of office gossip and workplace politics. Even when someone brings one to your table, try to turn them away intelligently.

Joining in on office gossip and workplace politics may harm your ambitions in many ways. As such, you want to avoid them at all costs.

There’s no way you wouldn’t risk hurting someone’s feelings or getting on someone’s bad side when you engage in such activities. To avoid that, steer clear of all gossip and political talks before you make an enemy of someone who can aid your ambition.

Make more money for the company

Every business is about making money. If you can constantly bring in deals, customers, or direct sales for your company, you’ll definitely be considered for a promotion one day.

Although companies look at other performance metrics when looking to promote individuals, the money-making potential is one of the most important metrics. 

“How much monetary value is he offering us?” “How many deals is she closing?” “How many new clients has he brought in?”

These are important money-making considerations companies consider. And quite rightly so. 

It is basic logic that whosoever is bringing the best number of deals to the business deserves bigger responsibilities. That way, he can bring in even more. John F. Kennedy’s popular quote quickly comes to mind, ‘For of those to whom much is given, much is required.’

Stand out in meetings and gatherings

Although meeting management software has rendered traditional meeting settings almost obsolete, if you’re lucky to work in a place that still calls for physical meetings, you should look to make the most of this opportunity.

When you work in a kind of company where the bosses seldom see you in action, it would be hard to prove your commitments or demonstrate your unique attitude to work. Since they don’t see you, you’re just another name on the roster. 

But meetings can help you out. 

Meetings are good to showcase your expertise, intelligence, superiority, creative intelligence, and value. There, you can voice your opinions on subjects, make attention-grabbing contributions, and further demonstrate your value to the company.

Last words

Promotion is hard to come by because you aren’t doing some things right. Every company wants the best heads in the top positions. If you aspire to get there, show your employers you have what it takes.

Luckily, you now have eight tips to get you going. Please make the most of them.

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