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In a world nearing complete digitization, one thing that has changed is how novels are read across the globe. Take your reading online now.

What is an Online Reading Website and which is the Best?

In a world nearing complete digitization, one thing that has changed is how novels are read across the globe. Now people have access to online platforms and websites to read their favorite novels without physically purchasing one. 

In this article, to help you have a clear understanding of an online reading website, you’ll explore what an online reading website is, reasons to choose the online reading platform, and some significant features and benefits. And finally, the best reading platform will be recommended to you.

What Exactly is an Online Reading Website?

Like any other website, online reading websites have a large volume of books that are accessible to their users. Although many people agree that the experience of reading a novel is entirely different from reading a physical one, it doesn’t make it any less entertaining. The idea of deriving entertainment from books isn’t exactly new because people have relied on novels to provide them with a fun pastime for the longest time. But in today’s age, reading a novel is quite different from what it used to be. People now have access to online websites with thousands of books to choose from.

For example, NovelCat is an online reading platform with numerous novels divided into different genres so that readers can choose any novel depending on their taste. In addition, NovelCat online reading website provides you reading guidance such as rankings for novels for people who have no idea to choose which one to read. 

Reading Novels is Now More Fun Than Ever! Here’s Why

Reading books in a traditional way can be a little bit troublesome because you have to carry books everywhere while online reading platforms solve this problem. It is why multiple online reading websites are popping up, allowing people to explore the fun while reading a book online. Reading books or novels online is easy, accessible, and far more convenient than traditional reading methods, and on top of that, it is fun!

In addition, reading novels is a great way to pass your time. They’re more attention-capturing than other forms of reading material that you come across online. Not only is reading books entertaining, but it also enriches a reader with knowledge.

Features of an Online Reading Website

Online websites constantly provide their user with endless content and are media-rich. To manage, store, and make the content accessible, online reading websites have certain features to make the user experience smoother.

Some features that you may find on an online reading website are:

  • Personalized content: readers get recommendations based on what they have read previously. This feature is great, especially when readers want to read something similar to the novel they just finished.
  • Easy search and convenient navigation: the beneficial feature makes reading books online easier since readers can easily look up their favorite books.
  • Automated categorization: the automatic feature helps sort books and novels into different categories that the user can access easily.
  • Social media sharing: it enables you to share what you’re reading with your social media family with a single click.

Benefits of an Online Reading Website

Online reading is not only fun, but it also comes with quite a few benefits associated with online reading websites, some of which are:

  • Affordable and economic books
  • Online books do not take up physical space
  • They’re eco-friendly
  • Readers have access to more novels at their fingertips
  • Easy selection of books
  • Easy arrangement

Where Can You Find the Best Online Reading Platform?

There are several online reading websites in the market to cater to different audiences. But if you are looking for an online reading platform that has an extensive collection of books, especially novels, then you’ll love NovelCat, which has about 10 million registered readers. 

In addition, the best online reading platform NovelCat is well known across the globe with its high-quality and entertaining novels written by tremendous famous authors.

Moreover, NovelCat treats its writers in the way they are supposed to be treated. It provides writers with copious numbers of writing competitions to foster growth and skills. Amazingly, NovelCat allows writers to carry their work in an efficient entry-fee-free platform through which they get bonuses and rewards. On top of that, NovelCat also recommends fantastic novels to millions of readers with numerous benefits and convenience. In this way, NovelCat provides a writing platform for writers and supports readers to access excellent novels simultaneously.


In a world where people’s brain circuits are being rewired to cope with its advancements over the years, online reading has become a new favorite hobby. Since you have an explicit understanding of online reading websites and figure out which is the best reading platform, it is urgent to read your favorite novel at NovelCat at once! 

NovelCat is an online reading website that allows readers and authors to have the best of both worlds. With over fifty-thousand high-quality novels and fourteen different genres, the readers can now enjoy a wide variety of novels written by talented writers. So, come and join in NovelCat to explore a different world then! 

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