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Purge Outfit Ideas For Best Friends

The mask – which should come with the hallmark X’s positioned over the eyes – is the most important component of any Purge outfit. You will be good to go, as long as you have a good Purge mask – that makes it easy for people to identify you – meaning that your costume can be made up of anything else you want.  Buy a purge mask from the range below:

Doll Girl Purge Mask
A great option that is simply begging to be remade for Halloween is the scary girl doll mask featured on the Purge Television series. For the “creepiest set of twins” look since The Shining, just grab your BFF and put your hair in pigtails before going together.

LED Lights Purge Mask
You can add a really creepy yet girly vibe to your costume with this classic light-up Purge mask. Coming in at the supper affordable price of $10, this light-up mask from Boohoo is available in both white and pink.

If you want to go with your BFF, you can get one of each color. (as pictured above, you can pair this mask with a cute outfit to great effect).

Bandage Mask
You simply can’t go wrong with this option, if you are looking for something that’s still relatively scary but a bit unique. While the mesh detail over the eyes makes it hard for people to know who you are, the pink color gives it a girly vibe. Simply put, this option is very creepy and awesomely cute at the same time!

Grinning Purge Mask
In comparison to the latter films, the original Purge film had more basic masks. However, compared to the black ones with the X’s, these original grinning Purge masks are ten times creepier, in my opinion.

Pair these masks with a straight wig or straight hair for a scarier look this Halloween. You can complete the look with an all black costume.

Patriotic Lady Liberty Light-Up Purge Mask
You can go for a patriotic look when choosing your Purge outfit – especially with the elections just around the corner. An exact replica of the mask featured in  The Purge: Election Year, this Lady Liberty Purge mask is officially licensed and available on Amazon.

God Mask
From The Purge: Anarchy film we have this officially licensed mask. In addition to featuring fake make up drawn on, this molded God mask is flawlessly distressed for a dirty one of a kind appearance.

Have some Sharpies and a blank white mask? You can save some money by making your own God mask as a fun DIY project.

While this is our favorite pick, you can find a wide variety of options on Amazon, if you are simply looking for a Purge mask that lights up. On top of the working lights, this $15 mask comes in a selection of 8 different combinations – ensuring that all your closest friends can choose their own unique look.

The Purge – Election Year Smoke Mask
From The Purge: Election Year we have another entrant. While the Lady Liberty option is definitely cuter, this smoke mask is a great option for anyone looking to make their costume creepier – without breaking pandemic guidelines.

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