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Early bird access exists in the form of presale codes and passwords. There are a number of online platforms that provide you with early access.


The modern-day world is a global village. However, it wasn’t always the same. For centuries, we lived as isolated individuals with little interaction at the global level. Culture, fashion, entertainers, were mostly confined to their country’s geographical boundaries. As mediums of communication and transportation developed, the world started to integrate. People started to communicate, businesses started to reach out globally, and ideas, thoughts, and cultures started to evolve. With the advent of technology, the process of globalization reached another level. Multinational organizations, international brands having worldwide accessibility are all the results of the process of globalization. Apart from businesses, one field that has benefited immensely from the process of globalization is entertainment. 

The entertainment industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Innumerable superstars from all corners of the world have immense fan following. Even though good entertainers have always been popular and successful, globalization and technology have added tremendously to their growth worldwide. Also, it has helped in large-scale commercialization of the entertainment sector. As we speak of today’s day and age, hundreds and thousands of artists travel worldwide for numerous shows, concerts, and tours. It has become a major revenue stream not only for the artists, but for the economy in general as well. Such is the situation today that entry tickets for such concerts & shows are sold out within minutes of going live. Fans are ready to spend huge amounts of money to buy these tickets and watch their favorite stars performing. Full-fledged businesses have developed merely around the service of procuring and distributing tickets to such popular events. 

Despite such services, fans often end up missing the chance of attending the events and concerts of their favorite stars. Have you ever experienced the regret of missing out on such an event? I am sure most of you must have. While one feels extremely dejected in such a situation, there’s someone else around who brags about having attended it. What if we tell you that there are platforms which provide you early bird access to these events? Sounds too good to be true right! Well surprisingly, it is true. Such early bird access exists in the form of presale codes and presale passwords. There are a number of online platforms that provide you with early access to the tickets and passes for such events. Not only this, but they often provide you with special discounts and deals.

What are Presale Codes?

Presale tickets are available on platforms like LiveNation, TicketMaster, etc. These tickets are released before the general tickets are released for the public. Presale codes and passwords are tools that help you to unlock these presale tickets on these platforms. Such codes provide you an edge over others and enable you to obtain the tickets to your favorite concerts & shows. With the advent of social media and technology, information about events and concerts spreads faster than ever. This has prompted the need for such presale codes websites as more & more people now easily become aware of events. Consequently, they are able to procure tickets at any early stage while others might fail to do so. 

In order to avoid such a situation, it becomes important to remain connected with platforms that offer presale codes. Though presale tickets aren’t released for every event currently, they are certainly the way forward. 

The Need for Presale Tickets

We state that the tickets are sold out in minutes as soon as they go live. When the general public gives such a positive response, then what is the need to set aside presale tickets? The answer to this question has two aspects: (i) the need to market an event; and (ii) the need to generate funds. Both these aspects are interdependent and justify the need for presale tickets. We live in a world that is extremely competitive. Be it any field, there is immense competition from worldwide. The entertainment industry is no different. 

Suppose two artists with similar fan following have organized their shows on the same day. Which event is likely to have more footfall? Clearly, the event that has been marketed well will have more audience than the other. Marketing of events, shows, concerts play an important role in deciding its fate. Having presale tickets excites the audience and the cult fans of an artist. It raises the expectations and excitement, and the event then becomes the talk of the town. Therefore, having presale tickets helps to build hype around an event. 

If we are to be honest to ourselves, the main purpose of any event/concert is to make money. Yes, it is true that artists do it for the love of their art as well. However, money has a significant role to play as well. All the hype and excitement that presale tickets create converts in numbers in the form of revenue. More and more people show interest in the event, buy tickets, promote it, and this results in good revenue generation. In fact, presale tickets are a major source of revenue generation for present day events. The greater the revenue, the better is for the event, the artists, the organizers and even the fans. 

Sometimes, event organizers even collaborate with certain companies and provide sponsored presale tickets. These include the likes of credit card companies, marketing firms, fanclubs and companies from other popular sectors. While the presale codes for the general ones are easily available, it is difficult to comment upon those for such sponsored tickets. This is because the presale tickets allotted to such sponsors are usually reserved by the companies for their users. For instance, fanclubs reserve the tickets for their own members. This branch of presale tickets is also very successful as these companies/clubs have a large and fixed customer base. 

Therefore, it becomes amply clear and evident that marketing and revenue generation prompt the need for presale tickets. The marketing of an event, its revenue generation and ticket allotment schemes are all decided well in advance. Presale tickets go a long way in helping to fulfill all these plans and commitments. Therefore, presale tickets are clearly a powerful tool not only in the hands of the public, but also the organizers.

Presale Tickets vs Public Onsale

As discussed above, any event being organized today relies heavily on presale tickets. Be it in terms of marketing, generating revenue, getting sponsorships, presale tickets is an all-in-one package. Such is the impact and reach of presale tickets that they hold the major sales proportion of an event. For every 1 ticket sold in public onsale, there are approximately three presale tickets. In fact, the share of presale tickets in the total ticket allotment now is sometimes as high as 90%. As a result, very few tickets are left for people to buy in the orthodox manner. 

Therefore, one must not wait to buy tickets during public onsale. As soon as the presale tickets go online, one should buy them immediately. All the presale platforms provide you with notifications about any events listed and tickets released. All you need to do is signup on any such platform. 

The stark difference between the sales & prices of these categories has even helped common people to make some money. Some people now buy tickets in both forms and then list them for sale during the last days at a higher price to make some profit. 

Where to Find Presale Codes & Passwords?

Clearly, the presale tickets segment has taken over the traditional method of public onsale tickets. This progress or evolution further advocates the need for reliable and quality platforms that provide presale codes to most events.

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