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Portuguese Books that inspired my life

01- Aconteceu naquele verão


The book “Aconteceu naquele verão” shows a simple lesson: love does not choose a time to appear. So put on your sunglasses and open your beach chair, because this summer you will have twelve reasons to sigh and fall in love.


Summer. The sunniest and most passionate season of all! We are all the same in this season as one of the characters in the short story “A Thousand Ways This Could Go Wrong” says. In the summer, our hearts become lighter, more confident, courageous and impetuous, whether in Brazil, the United States or even Russia. Maybe that’s why this season is perfect for falling in love. And the book “It Happened That Summer” portrays stories that explain this situation well.


This book contains stories that are more than special, the stories have an enigmatic, supernatural and mysterious trait. A hint of strangeness that will leave you getting interested in a thing that is beyond love.




The story begins with two young people with very different realities who, out of necessity, meet. The girl is named Cassie Salazar, an aspiring rock star who has to work in a bar to survive. She tries to convey a sense of independence and self-reliance, but her health problems linked to diabetes hinder her. The boy, Luke Marrow, is an army marine who, having previously been involved with drugs, has to deal with debts that threaten his family.


When they met, nothing was even close to romantic, in fact, they didn’t even want to talk to each other. However, to help with her treatment and medical costs of her newly discovered illness, Cassie decides to go looking for a candidate who will agree to marry her who can get better health insurance, however, when her only candidate for marriage turned down the offer, the only other option was the soldier. Luke Marrow.


03-  O milagre da manhã


O milagre da manhã“, written by Hal Elrod is a book that managed to sell more than 300 thousand copies in Brazil.


In the financial world, it is common knowledge that everything that happens in the present was the result of what was done in the past, and the control of the present is in our hands. In this amazing book, you will understand that sedentary addiction is a horrible mix for success, learn how having a good schedule and sleeping early to wake up early will increase your chances of victory.


That is what the book is about. Mornings. The quiet time, a great time to be efficient and disciplined. It is at this time that you will plant the seeds of success and then reap the victories you deserve, day after day.


Read this incredible manual for success and understand how important it is to have a routine where you sleep early to wake up in the morning with a thirst for success!


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