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Popular Award-winning Authors Kailin Gow and Kira G. represents the American Dream as they are Honored to be the First Modern Day American Female Authors to Have Their Bestselling Books Red Genesis and Kailin Gow’s Loving Summer and Bitter Frost Books Turned into Theme Rooms at Hotels.

By Jess B. Johnson

Kailin Gow represents an American success story as the daughter of immigrants who legally came to America. Her father came to the United States from Taiwan to study for his graduate degree in Engineering back in the late 1960s. He worked hard and was able to open a string of hotels in California. Learning from his work ethics and the passion for the American dream that hard work in a land of freedom can and will pay off, Kailin Gow herself grew up with a strong work ethic and a sense of entrepreneurship.

Kailin Gow was one of the first authors to digitally publish back in the late 1990s before Amazon became a massive retailer. A digital pioneer, she was already selling digital versions of her bestselling non-fiction books such as the Mystery Shopper guide (used as an authority on secret shopping) as well as her fiction books in paperback from her own website in 2001. Leveraging her experience as an executive at a Fortune 100 corporation to run her website, she soon became a bestselling author. When Amazon first began their KDP (Kindle) program, Kailin Gow was one of the first authors already publishing on Amazon.

When she became a mother of a girl who was diagnosed as having Autism, Kailin Gow faced the challenges of raising a child with certain needs, while helping her mother, who had cancer. Determined to inspire others to face their challenges head on and to rise up to their potential, Gow has driven herself to write and publish several titles in the young adult genre featuring teens and young adults in challenging circumstances that would test their confidence and beliefs as well as romances for women that featured women becoming stronger women as they overcame obstacles. “I wanted my books to feature heroines and heroes who are able to face and overcome difficulties and challenges only to emerge stronger and/or wiser.” Gow is an author who is able to combine a positive message into her books, while still provide a compellingly entertaining story. Having grossed over $1 Million in book sales, Kailin Gow soon became one of Amazon’s first top authors who was also selected to represent authors in Amazon’s Kindle Tablet Release as well as Amazon’s Author Success Story in 2012. She was featured on the homepage of for an entire month in celebration of mothers in May as an Amazon Author Success Story. She was also featured in Amazon’s own book, Transformations, as a top author.


Since 2001, Kailin Gow has written and published over 700 books and 70 book series under her name and various pen names and founded several publishing houses, as well as a production company. She has become a filmmaker, actress, and stage and television personality, as well as a designer and inventor. Gow’s young adult book series such as the Bitter Frost Series, Pulse Vampire Series, FADE Series, and Loving Summer Series have become fan favorites and have sold millions of copies worldwide.

“I am so fortunate and blessed to be doing what I love for a living,” Kailin Gow said. “But to be doing well while doing some good is just the icing on top of the cake.” Gow’s hard work and passion has caught the attention of not just fans but Hollywood. Gow’s fantasy romances The Bitter Frost Series, PULSE Vampires, and heartfelt romance The Loving Summer Series is currently filming, while her YA Science Fiction FADE Series and Red Genesis Series (co-written by Kira G.) have been optioned by a Netflex producer.

Kira G., the daughter of Kailin Gow, is also a successful author, filmmaker, and entrepreneur of her own. The creator and host of the Kira the Shark brand and channel, that consists of books, an upcoming animated film, and games, Kira G. has also written and published over 12 books of her own is also an award-winning filmmaker. Her school project on space inspired the USA Today Bestselling book series, Red Genesis, a science fiction thriller compared to the Bird Box. Earning a Google Certificate on Digital Marketing, while in her junior year in high school, Kira G. was also a speaker about Science and Technology on the STEM stage at the OC Children’s Book Festival. Her Amazon Lee Adventures Series, a fantasy science fiction thriller for age 12 and up is a STEM book which explored A.I. and robotics even before they were in the mainstream news.

Due to the popularity and escapism of their books like Red Genesis, Bitter Frost, and Loving Summer; a boutique hotel in Texas has styled their rooms into theme rooms, based on the book series. “This is an honor, and the rooms will be so much fun to stay in because of it,” Kailin Gow said.

Kailin Gow and Kira G. are the first modern-day female authors to have theme rooms based on their books in America. “I love the travel and hospitality world,” Kailin Gow said, “I am closely tied to it, especially since I know it firsthand having worked at Hilton Hotels Corporation, Omni Hotels Corporation as an executive before I became a full-time author, and having worked for a tour operator, a tour guide while in college leading tours all over California, and even having a travel and lifestyle channel called Kailin Gow’s Go Girl that explores lost history, travel, lifestyle, and living your best life. I’m honored to have theme rooms at these hotels and love that these hotels will embody that fun, bold, and can do live-your-best-life attitude, too.”

There is the Red Genesis Room.

The Bitter Frost Room.


The Loving Summer Beach Room.


The hotel featuring the theme rooms is still under renovation. There are plans for Kailin Gow and Kira G.’s theme rooms for hotels to be implemented into hotels across the U.S. and Internationally.

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