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Sick and tired of having pet hair all over your house? Meet the Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus! Dive into the details of the best pet hair vacuum ever!

Have a Look At The Best Pet Hair Vacuum Right Now

Are you looking for a product that can help you collect all the pet hair you might have around us? Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus is your go-to product, made particularly for this reason. Pets owners know the hustle of cleaning their house and vacuuming every nook and corner that has tiny hair from their pets’ fur. 

Pet owners are in absolute luck because they can click here to find the best robot vacuum. Not only does Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus vacuums the hair, but it also empties the waste. 

Roidmi Eve Plus takes care of pet owners by sterilizing the waste product to prevent any allergies that can spread. Dust mites or lice can also find their way into the waste. Roidmi’s active sterilization mode specifically treats such microbes to keep a healthy lifestyle for your pet.


Cleaning Job – The upcoming Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus has modern-day cleaning technology that includes a high-power suction of 2,700 Pa. Side brushes attached to the vacuum to make sure the floor is extra clean. Its advanced AI allows the nozzle to adjust itself according to the floor conditions, eliminating the need for an extra round of vacuum.

Sterilization and Deodorization System – Cleaning Job is equipped with an add-on feature. This feature allows the vacuum to empty the dust cup itself. Before emptying the dust cup, the vacuum sterilizes the waste material for your safety. 

The vacuum can automatically sterilize common particles like dust mites, microbial particles, toxic chemicals. and even remove the smell of perfume or cigarettes. The automatic settings are attached with a smartphone application for a hands-free experience.

Mop Service – Your go-to pet hair vacuum will mop the floor for you after a thorough vacuum job. You need not fill the vacuum more often because it has a large water capacity for the perfect mopping job.

Collision Avoidance Tech – Roidmi Eve Plus comes with an infrared sensor to help avoid the collision. Although the vacuum’s flexible nozzle automatically adjusts itself according to the floor conditions, its anti-bumping sensors avoid any sort of head-on collision within the threshold. In case of a collision with any household item, the vacuum slows down and stops completely for you to change its path.

Laser Navigation – Equipped with LDS laser navigation, Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus has a path planning algorithm that can map your floor by scanning your area’s layout. Once mapped the floor’s area, a vacuum can avoid obstacles, clean the selected area, and skip the restricted area if any. With a 250 minutes runtime, the vacuum can be linked and operated by its smartphone app to clean an area up to 250 square feet.

Smartphone Application

As already discussed above, the smartphone application keeps you in charge of your robot vacuum. You can set the cleaning areas, restricted areas, custom cleaning, scheduled cleaning with a timer, the cleaning path your vacuum should take, and much more. 

You can set the app to sterilize the waste material and empty the dust bag according to the operation’s guide. Most importantly, the application tells you the exact battery of your vacuum, so you can charge it on time.

Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus is certainly your go-to pet hair vacuum. Click here for more details about the product that will be up for grab by the end of this month.


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