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We have all encountered rodents in the house, and you have found yourself searching online for pest control. Here's what you need to know.

How Pest Control Gets Rid of Mice

We have all encountered rodents in the house, and you have found yourself searching online for a pest control Virginia Beach exterminator to get rid of the pests. But while searching for the best pest control to eliminate your problem. You wonder how exterminators work to rid your home of mice. 

How Does Pest Control Service Get Rid of Mice

Professional exterminators can use different ways to get rid of rodents in the home. The exterminator will provide a tailored plan to suit your lifestyle and needs. Hence, it can be a combination of using rodenticide baits with mechanical traps. 

When the pest control providers examine your place, they will assess the mouse infestation. Then they draw up a pest management plan based on their findings, like the species of mice present and how long they have been there. 

If you accept the estimate, the exterminator will do the following:

  • First, exterminators eliminate all entry points to the building by sealing up cracks, weak points, and dents. Then, they can apply hardware cloth and wire mesh to small entry points like vents and utility pipes. The best is not to use caulk, rubber, wood, or plastic as mice chew through them. 
  • Next, the pest control service sets up mouse traps to catch them early. They will place quite a few mouse traps around the place, from the kitchen and basement to the bathroom. These traps can be glue boards, capture traps, and snap traps.
  • Alternatively, most exterminators use bait stations with poisoned food to kill the rodent and are very impressive at killing mice colonies. Once the size of a settlement reduces, they can track the pests’ nests and remove the bodies for hygiene purposes. 
  • The last resort is fumigating the home if you have a severe infestation of mice. These methods are used as a last resort, but in some states, they are illegal. If legal in your area, you and your family with pets need to leave home for a while. 

How Long Does Mouse Extermination Take?

You can do a few things before a pest control service arrives to remove rodents from your home. First, you can clear the way by moving boxes, appliances, clearing out cupboards, and more for the exterminators. 

Next, you can clean the areas by removing rodent droppings and disposing of waste food to prevent more mice. Then prepare a list of questions to ask the pest control provider. The questions can be about how you can help make their work simpler and what you can do. 

You can ask how many visits it will take in total and if there are safety health hazards with the methods they use. Also, find out how you can prevent future rodent infestations. The truth is the length of mouse extermination can depend on how large your mouse infestation is.

It can take up to three months or longer to completely rid your living space of these rodents.

Final Thoughts

When you work with a pest control service, they can use several chemicals when fumigating the home if the problems are severe. Hence, we recommend you ask the exterminator what will be the safest one to use in the house. 

Furthermore, exterminators do not only remove rodents from homes. You can use them for any other form of pest control. So, if you do need a termite inspection near me, make sure to check pest control providers out to help as well. 

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