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Filing a personal injury compensation claim can be confusing the first time you need to do. Don't get lost in the weeds, learn what you need to know here.

Common mistakes that can trash your personal injury compensation claim

You will likely have suffered physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially if you have met with an auto accident. You can claim compensation for medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, and more if the accident happened due to the carelessness or negligence of another driver. It is vital you follow the correct claim procedure and not make mistakes that can reduce the compensation amount or get your claim dropped.

Not Obtaining a Police Report 

A common mistake is not calling the police immediately after meeting with the accident. It prevents the police from recording the accident, the details of the cars, the accident site, the time, the road, and traffic conditions. The police will also note the contact information of the drivers and witnesses and may issue a citation to the at-fault driver. You will require the police report even if you only want to claim the vehicle repair costs.

Not Getting Medically Checked

One of the top car accident mistakes is not seeking immediate medical attention. In addition to emergency treatment, your doctor will also examine you for any internal injury that may not be readily apparent. The visit will also generate valuable documentation regarding the extent of your injuries and the expense of the treatment. You can use them to support your claim. Visiting your doctor promptly prevents insurance companies from claiming that the injuries were not serious or they did not result from the accident. It is also vital for you to follow the doctor’s advice because failing to do can make you responsible for the injuries.

Trusting the Defendant’s Insurance Company

The primary duty of the defendant’s insurance company is to protect its bottom line and not offer you fair recompense for the acts of its client. You must, therefore, make it a point not to share information more than what it is entitled to. Do not discuss your injuries, admit any fault, and give a recorded statement. According to Forbes, you should not comment on your injuries to the insurance company. You must also inform your insurance company of the accident and comply with their requirements. The best person to engage with insurance companies is your lawyer.

Accepting a Quick Settlement

If your injuries are serious your treatment cost will be high. You may also not be able to work, resulting in lost wages, and the need to repair damage to your car. When you are trying to cope with all of these things, you are especially vulnerable. Insurance companies often use this condition to give you a quick offer to settle but, typically, the amount is much less than what you deserve. Instead of being forced to accept a low offer, you should wait for some time to know the extent of your injuries and your financial losses. By settling quickly, you are likely to deny yourself fair compensation.


Making mistakes can result in your claim being dismissed or you can be forced to accept a less-than-fair settlement. You should engage a personal injury attorney with experience in car crash claims to prevent this. He will have the expertise to advise you to get the maximum possible compensation.

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