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Finding the right gift is hard enough, but shopping for a pen can be tricky. So, how do you choose the right pen for a gift? Here's exactly how!

How To Choose the Right Pen for A Gift?

Finding the right gift is hard enough, but shopping for a space pen can be tricky. Different pens look different, and some types have special uses. As a writer, I tend to lean toward ballpoint pens. They write smoothly and evenly without skipping, are relatively inexpensive, and come in various colors, sizes, weights, and points. But, as anyone who’s ever tried to write with one of those cheap rollerball pens knows, not all rollerball pens are created equal—and there are plenty to choose from. So, how do you choose the right pen for a gift?

Why Choose to Give Someone a Pen as A Gift?

People out there refuse to use a pen because pens are a dying technology. But others say that pens are more than just a way to write things down. The writing instrument is a timeless symbol of a relationship of friendship, respect, and understanding that spans across cultures, centuries, and time.

A pen is a very personal thing, as anyone who has tried writing with the wrong pen knows. A pen is more than just a tool and a representation of your personality. A gift pen can mean so much to the recipient, as it represents your thoughtful intent. Pens have a long and storied history. They have been used as a writing tool and a symbol of status and power. The pen could always convey a message. Sometimes, a simple, elegant pen can be all needed to send a message of recognition and appreciation to someone.

Choose The Perfect Pen with These Tips!

Writing with the wrong pen can be a frustrating experience, so it may seem like a small thing to pick out the perfect pen for your gift, but it can make a big difference. There are plenty of options out there, but here are our tips for choosing the right pen for your recipient:

  • Know your priority. Your office is a busy place. And when you’re working, you need to be able to focus on the task at hand. There’s no point in carrying around a pen that is difficult to write with or is uncomfortable to hold. Or, if a pen has excellent writing performance but looks plain, what’s the point? Sometimes, when choosing a gift for a loved one, you have to think outside of the box. Maybe you have a budget in mind but aren’t quite sure what to get. Or, maybe you know they like a certain brand but don’t want anything you won’t be able to find again. If you’re looking to give a gift on a budget, or you know someone who prefers something practical, then consider a gift subscription to a magazine. Your loved one won’t have to worry about finding something specific—they’ll receive a box in the mail with the perfect magazine to match their interests every month.
  • It’s all about the personality. Pens are one of the essential accessories you need. A pen is an indispensable part of my life. Although a pen might not be something people think about when they think of a gift, it is essential to think about the person and their personality.
  • Think of the type of pen. A pen is one of the most important tools you have for getting things done. You can write notes, send letters, write down important phone numbers, and even take notes during meetings. That’s a lot of power for that little tool, and pen manufacturers also tend to know it. That’s why pens are an important item to give someone as a gift. If you are looking for a gift for the person who always takes a pen with them, then indeed choosing the pens as a gift option will be the best pick for you. But actually, selecting the pen as a gift is not that easy. A pen is widely used for writing purposes, so choosing the right one will be tricky. Find the pen type that suits the best person’s style.
  • Know their handwriting type. Handwriting is a lot like a fingerprint; it’s very personal! A person’s handwriting can tell a lot about them, like what they are like as a person. For example, some can barely write with their right hand, while others seem to make perfect use of their dominant hand, while some people seem to have no problem writing with either or both hands. But did you know that the way you hold your pen can also tell a lot? that is why, if you are thinking of gifting a pen, make sure you know that it will match the person’s handwriting type.

  • What is your purpose for buying a pen? When it comes to giving a gift, most people have a very specific recipient in mind. However, when you’re buying a gift for a coworker, manager, or admin in your office, the challenge can be in finding the perfect gift to wow that person. The best advice? Don’t go the traditional route of buying a gift, and opt for something more useful instead. After all, a pen is one of the most versatile items globally. A pen is as useful as a stapler or even a tape dispenser for the office.
  • Check your budget. Budgeting is at the heart of all your finances, including your gifting. While gifting is thoughtful and everyone enjoys receiving a thoughtful gift, many people neglect to do adequate planning. They focus on the gift they want to buy but forget about the gift budget. It’s worth spending some time thinking about your budget before gifting, particularly during the holiday season. This is because it can save you a lot of heartaches, should the gift not work out. With the current explosion of internet shopping, shopping for pens is now easier than ever before. Pens are one of those gifts that almost everyone can use, and your budget will dictate the type of pen you choose, along with the size and type of ink that it can hold.
  • Think of the pen finish. Although pens are relatively expensive, they are the best tools for writing and taking notes. But, the selection of pens is large, and it isn’t easy to select the right one. Pens write with ink. However, they have a look and feel different from those made with special markers or special pens. Even different colors of inks have different attributes. And if you look around, there is a huge selection of Pens available, with a wide variety of pens and inks, including ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, fountain pens, gel pens, highlighters, etc. Choosing pens for gifting should not be a difficult task.
  • Check if it is comfortable to use or not. When choosing the perfect gift for colleagues, friends, and family, it’s crucial to find the gift that will be appreciated. Keep in mind that getting a gift for them is more than just buying something. It’s about considering the person you’re buying for and giving them something they’ll love and be comfortable to use with.

For most people, pens are an essential tool for writing or drawing. But, when it comes to gifting someone, even gifted pens are not preferred as they turn out to be useless at times. So, it is advised to go for branded pens such as Blesket and pen sets, as they can easily become one of the best gifts ever, no matter how expensive or cheap.

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