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The Pegasus World Cup is one of the most important events in the horseracing calendar! Learn all about this incredible event here!

A Guide To The Pegasus World Cup

Horse racing dates back centuries, and has always had a place in the hearts of society’s elite. The British Royal Family are some of the biggest supporters of horses and all horse racing events, which is part of the reason why the sacred sport is so popular. The Pegasus World Cup is considered one of the most important events in the horse racing calendar. 

VIPs have always attended this dressed in their finest, as have members of the public who have been lucky enough to secure an invitation. It is an especially high stakes’ event with immense media coverage. Check out TVG’s Pegasus World Cup odds for accurate predictions and updates. This is a quick guide to the Pegasus World Cup. 


The prestigious event takes place in Gulfstream Park, Hallandale Beach, Florida. A part of the appeal that brings in even more of a crowd is the integration of an immense casino within this venue. The location is a hub of betting and high stakes payouts, which is why it offers such a diverse following. 

The track itself is a dry dirt race surface that is 1 ⅛ miles long, also known as nine furlongs. Thoroughbred horses aged four years and up compete on the left-hand course after qualifying. 


Of course, the Pegasus World Cup is widely regarded as one of the highest earning horse racing events in the world. Although it faces some level of competition for that title with Dubai. In 2020, the purse for the Pegasus World Cup was $3 million. 

Entry fee is another factor that influences the revenue and overall turnout, as it has interestingly gone from costing millions, to being free. The event now operates as a by-invitation attendance, adding to the exclusivity of the whole experience. 

This doesn’t include the role of advertising and media endorsement, of course. That in itself can contribute millions. Celebrities and other influential characters enjoy attending the Pegasus World Cup for the excitement and atmosphere. 

There have even been performances by Snoop Dogg, Post Malone, and Mark Ronson to name a few during post-race events. Even more reason why the media will be rife with Pegasus World Cup content. 


The venue is relatively new by comparison to some other horse racing tracks, and it was originally proposed to be a 10 furlong race just in time for the racers to be retired as studs for the season. Shareholders contributed to the construction in 2017, and horses had to qualify before racing in order to avoid an immense entry fee. The name of the venue itself comes from the mythical horse, and there is a giant statue of Pegasus which stands at the entrance to Gulfstream Park. 

In the past, there has been some controversy about the role of medications used on racing horses. This caused a lot of concerns for their welfare, and it is part of the reason why a large amount of the revenue gets sent towards horse welfare institutions. Racers are required to be drug and medication free before any event nowadays. 


Some key racers have already begun to make preparations for the next Pegasus World Cup, and tickets have been on sale since October for a variety of experiences and access passes. The event remains extremely popular and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down in the future, so it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on the betting odds. Another thing to consider is who might be surprising us with a post-race performance. 

To summarize, the Pegasus World Cup is a cultural phenomenon, drawing in impressive crowds and even more substantial costs. For those who can afford a ticket, it’s undoubtedly a bucket-list item. However, it is widely covered on TV and the internet, thanks to modern technology. Who knows, you might even catch a glimpse of the Queen of England, as she is truly one of the driving forces behind horse racing and breeding. 

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