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Parcels from China: Where to get the delivery date

The delivery date for your parcel is usually imbibed in the tracking number. To get this information you can use the tracking number on the shipping company’s website. In some cases, the shipping company often has a template for when shipments are supposed to be delivered. There are three main courrier in China, 4PX Express, Speedpak and the China Post. You can use the China Post tracking services to track any parcel coming from Asia. 

However, this may not be the case with all shipping companies. There are several ways to find out the delivery date of your parcel. To discover where to find the time when your parcel will be delivered read this article. 

How to find the delivery date for your parcel ?

The delivery date for your package is not hidden. Traditionally, the destination of the parcel determines how long it will take to deliver your package. 

Tracking Platforms

The courier or shipping industry has evolved and certain measures are employed to ensure accountability and transparency. Not many people know that it’s possible to track your parcel without visiting the courier, shipping, or dispatcher’s website. 

The advantage of using a tracking website is that it gives you an independent update. In other words, it will help find out if the shipping company’s information is accurate. 

Furthermore, the details offered by the tracking website include the last known location of the parcel, the delivery date, the receiver, and so on. One of the best tracking websites you can use is China Post Tracking. They partner with more than 1,000 courier companies around the world.

The courier Website

The entire information about when a parcel will be delivered can be found on the shipping company’s website. Simply insert the tracking number in the search tab and click on the “Search tab” to get the result. If the parcel has been delivered, you will get information about who received it and the time it was delivered. However, if the parcel is still in transit, you will also be shown the estimated time of delivery for the parcel.

Customer support

Assuming for any reason you cannot access the shipping company’s website, reach out to their customer support. Nevertheless, you need to supply the customer agent with your tracking number to get the date of your parcel delivery. But if the tracking number is not available, the customer support agents can also be of help. Honestly, safeguarding your tracking number is the ideal thing to do. 

Email and Mobile Application

While filling out the required forms, there’s always a column to insert email addresses. Most shipping companies provide their customers with regular updates about the location of the package via email. Also, the possible delivery date will be highlighted in the email. 

Also, if the shipping company has a mobile application, login and search for information using your tracking number. Just like their website, you cannot obtain information from their mobile application with this information.

Terms and Conditions

Every shipping company has its own terms and conditions. Also, the terms and conditions often state the timeframe to deliver packages depending on the distance. The duration of delivery of some parcels may take up to one month or more. 

To make it short

Artificial Intelligence tends to be much more accurate than store, sellers or even the couriers company themselves. It provides an average delay for thousands of parcels that have taken the same path. This technology is available from Ordertracker website and completely free.
In order to be eligible, make sure to be in possession of your tracking number, this is the only way to locate your package, most precise and convenient are the tracking websites, without this number, tracking a package is almost impossible.

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