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Sci-fi is no longer a geek genre, as 'Altered Carbon' season 2 shows. Netflix is positioning itself as a hub for genre fiction films and TV shows. Read more
If you prefer to get your chills and learn about kills from Netflix, then here are some of the best serial killer documentary movies to watch. Read more
The Winchester Mystery House is, perhaps, the best known haunted house in the United States. Here's what we know about the Winchester Mystery House. Read more
This past Monday, HLN—an extension of CNN—launched a new true-crime original series called 'Sex & Murder'. Here's what we know. Read more
'Murder House Flip' is the home improvement show with a sinister twist. Here's why 'Murder House Flip' is the most insane reality show. Read more
What’s a good way to start greeting each other? We have a couple of solid options, such as that of the Vulcan. Here's our guide on stopping germs. Read more
HBO’s 'I Love You, Now Die' is the two-part documentary that shows the ins and outs of Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy. Here's what we know. Read more
From some nice quick case overviews to going deeper, here are some of the best true crime channels that you can check out for free on YouTube. Read more
The Netflix documentary 'The Imposter' may be one of the most twisty true crime stories we’ve ever encountered. Here's why. Read more
In terms of haunted locations, hotels tend to be somewhere near the top. Here’s what you need to know about the Cecil Hotel. Read more
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