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When three boys turn up murdered, a small town is desperate to find the killer. But in the process, the West Memphis Three get blamed for the crime they didn't commit. Read more
Cosmin P. Zaharia's latest indie film The Music Island reflects his own trip to Ibiza. Read more about the inspiration behind the film. Read more
LGBT cinema has come a long way over the years. We're ready to finally decide what the best gay movies of all time are. Read more
The world isn't as smiling as it used to be, so here's your daily dose of sunshine in the form of Wang Yibo memes. Read more
Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb were only 19 and 18 at the time they committed a murder. Here's what we know about the terrifying pair. Read more
Charles Manson has been infamous since the formation of the Manson family in 1967. Here are the best Charles Manson movies based on his infamous murders. Read more
Why is the 'Dateline' tonight episode “In a Lonely Place” so chilling? Well, here’s the details about the case and what we know. Read more
“Stealing Paradise” is the 'Dateline' episode that takes on the crimes of William Dathan Holbert (“Wild Bill” Cortez). Here's what we know. Read more
Netflix has given us some great true crime documentaries, but 'The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann' is not one of them. Here's what we know. Read more
Here are ten of the very best Netflix Originals documentaries and docuseries released by the streaming behemoth thus far, like 'Making a Murderer'. Read more
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