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We all need something to unwind and relax, and we know the man who can help us with that: Snoop Dogg. Check out some of the best Snoop Dogg memes. Read more
We like to think that every murderer is behind bars, but some American serial killers are still walking among us to this day. Read more
It may seem like this is ancient history, but cannibal tribes are still roaming the planet as we speak. The Korowai are still practicing cannibalism today. Read more
It's hard to imagine what would bring Ariel Castro to kidnap three Cleveland girls. But for a decade, the man kept these girls hidden from the world. Read more
The criminal law is supposed to help bring justice to those who do wrong. But what if the wrong person ends up behind bars? It happens more than you think. Read more
It's going to be a while before a vaccine or true treatment comes out for Coronavirus. Is there anything you can use at home to help treat the illness? Read more
Injectables are all the rage in the gay community, leading to men bulking up in size down there. But when one of their own dies, who's responsible for it? Read more
Stephen Port seemed like your normal Grindr date, but he's anything but. Read more about how the British man murdered four men through the dating app. Read more
Nathaniel Bar-Jonah has been a terrorizing kidnapper since childhood, but managed to evade police capture and escape to another state to strike there. Read more
This is the story of how Big Lurch wound up blood-covered, naked, and stumbling in the street with his roommate's lung in his hand. Read more
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