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With gyms closed thanks to COVID-19, it's hard to get your work out in. But these at home Crossfit workouts are perfect no matter what equipment you have. Read more
Blanche Monnier fell in love with a man her mother disapproved of. What she didn't know was the price she would have to pay for true love. Read more
Arthur Shawcross seemed like your run of the mill serial killer, but after he was sentenced to jail, the truth of his crimes came to light. Read more
We’re all continuing our long trek to get through the coronavirus quarantine. Here's some brand new coronavirus quarantine memes! Read more
Jack the Ripper is the serial killer to which all other serial killers are held up to. Who's Jack the Ripper? Let's find out! Read more
Ottis Toole took down a confirmed six victims, while also claiming to have killed much more past six. Here's what we know about the Jacksonville Cannibal. Read more
You never know what goes on at the homes of your neighbors. If you don’t know about the case of Josef Fritzl, here's what you need to know. Read more
There are plenty of coronavirus memes on the Internet as we continue to practice social distancing and other safety measures. Here they are! Read more
Living a nomadic lifestyle, the cult Heaven's Gate was led by Marshall Applewhite. Here's what led to the tragic mass suicide. Read more
Between 1955 and 1976, Joachim Kroll, a relatively unknown German serial killer, terrorized western Germany. Here's what we know about Kroll. Read more
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