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Accidents and injuries frequently occur in the gas and oil industry. Here are all the dangers when working in the industry.

8 Dangers of Working In the Oil And Gas Industry

Accidents and injuries frequently occur in the gas and oil industry. Although some are blameless, many are due to employer negligence. When companies fail to protect employees, workers are at a high risk of injury. 

The safety of industry operations is an ongoing task involving multiple departments. The vastness of the gas and oil industry requires different departments to work together. If a company fails to follow its equipment maintenance schedule, mechanical malfunctions may result in injury. 

With many departments depending on each other, one mistake can have severe consequences. Likewise, the nature of the industry poses a high flammability risk already. Continue reading to discover eight dangers of working within the gas and oil industry and the reasons behind involving an oilfield injury lawyer

  1. Hospitalizations And Amputations 

Worker injuries are a significant concern within gas and oil. 481 hospitalizations and 166 amputations resulted from out of 602 accidents related to oil and gas extractions as of late; this data is reason enough to involve an oilfield injury lawyer. 

2. Negative Emotional Impact: Get An Oilfield Injury Lawyer 

The emotional impact of a gas and oil injury can cause significant grief and loss, even for those with non-fatal injuries. These emotions can motivate victims to seek assistance from an oilfield injury lawyer. 

3. Financial Problems And Debt 

Since many employers and insurance companies deny responsibility, the financial burden is left to the victim, leading to debt. Working with an oilfield injury lawyer can help to resolve these disputes. 

4. Employer And Insurance Neglect May Continue

After being injured, many injured workers are unaware of the need to refrain from feedback and never receive coverage. Speaking to an oilfield injury lawyer is necessary to protect against further negligence. 

5. Lasting Physical Injuries

For employees working within oilfields and onsite at drilling and fracking operations, accidents may vary in severity but may result in broken bones, crushed limbs, severe burns, cuts, lung damage, concussions, brain injuries, spinal injuries, etc. 

6. Explosions And Fatality 

When safety regulations are not in place, explosions may destroy gas and oil resources via fires and explosions that also injure and kill groups of workers. Fatalities have a significant impact on all associated parties involved. 

7. Employer Corruption Continues 

Given the risks of working in gas and oil, some employers fail to inform employees of their protective rights. As a result, workers are not prepared when accidents occur, and employers get away with negligence. An oilfield injury lawyer knows that employer corruption left unnoticed continues the cycle.  

8. Pain Of Those Affected

The worker, family members, and associated parties endure pain and suffering from the outcomes of an employer’s negligence. Pain and suffering are unavoidable for those affected by a loved one’s fatal or non-fatal injury. 

Get Justice For Your Suffering 

If you or someone you care about has been negatively affected due to a gas and oil accident, contact an oilfield injury lawyer and get the justice you deserve. Hold those legally accountable for your suffering.

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