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Obedience training for your dog: how and when to start

It might feel overwhelming during the first few weeks of bringing a puppy home, as pet owners have their hands full while carrying out various tasks to help the puppy adapt to the new home fast. 

The first and foremost is to arrange for supplies and spend maximum time with the pet to help it familiarize with the new house and the people who would share their time with the puppy. It is essential to set the right expectations and behaviors from the start while the puppy is still within a few weeks by arranging for obedience training by some professional Ridgeside Ohio private training specializing in obedience training.


Arrange for a private training

Like kids, dogs too respond best when you pay close attention to it, showing that you care. A private training session for your dog means that the trainer will spend exclusive time with your dog while training it for discipline and behavior.  You can explain to the trainer the issues you are facing with the dog or what kind of behavior you expect from it to develop a suitable training module that helps achieve the goals. 

Dog training is a rare skill. Find out how to master the art of dog training with these quick and easy exercises.

Home or away training

Dog owners who prefer to train their dogs privately can train the dog at home by themselves or by hiring a professional dog trainer. Those who are not keen on private training might send their dog for group class training that takes place at the dog training centers. 

Trainers who offer private training would come home once a week and take an hour’s class to train the dog in various ways to pick up the habit of responding to commands by understanding them. Some pet owners might train their dogs on their own if they have the knowledge and know the techniques of training. Pet owners training their dogs by themselves are often more effective provided they follow the formal techniques of training.

Training dogs starts with a good relationship between the dog and trainer. Here's what we know about treating dog actors with CBD.

Communicate with the dog 

The goal of obedience training is to communicate with the dog with signs and sounds to understand the instruction and act accordingly.

During obedience training, the dog becomes familiar with the technique of communication so that it understands the meaning of the movement of your hands and body and becomes familiar with the language of the commands.  Pet owners who train their dogs on their own should have three training sessions every day of 10-15 minutes. 

It is especially essential for puppies that have a short attention span. 

Start the training with the ‘sit’ command and stick to one action per day so that the dog does not lose its patience, which can cause distraction. Once the dog responds well to the first lesson, teach it to lie down.  At the same time, teach your dog to ‘stay.’ Moreover, teach it the ‘come’ command so that it rushes to you soon on hearing the command. 

Having gone through the basic obedience training, your dog is now ready to learn advanced commands and fun tricks. 

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