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Obed Dominguez is the CEO and founder of Sunforce Solar, in this article Dominguez share some of his keys to success as a business owner.

Famous Entrepreneur and Founder of Sunforce Solar, Obed Dominguez, Shared his Journey to Success

Obed Dominguez is the CEO & founder of Sunforce Solar, a solar energy equipment manufacturing firm that designs and produces environmentally-friendly solutions for people looking to save money by not wasting it on pricey electricity bills but still get to do the things they need. 

Obed was born in Mexico and migrated to America when he was five with his parents. He has always been an ambitious person with a goal to do something that can positively impact human life and nature. Due to this reason, he got into the solar business. His passion lies in helping others by offering support and advice so as to help them overcome problems in their lives and develop into better versions of themselves all around.

In a recent interview Obed shared, 

“I founded a solar sales company called SUNFORCE SOLAR. We focus on helping clients transition from their current electric company to a more affordable sustainable source of electricity. We’re the solution to every electric bill in this country.”

About Sunforce Solar

Sunforce Solar is a leading solar company based in Las Cruces, NM, founded by Obed Dominguez in 2020. They have been providing customers with quality solar solutions since 2020. Their primary goal is to assist homeowners in switching to a more eco-friendly and economic lifestyle by providing smart and affordable electric solutions. 

Their products are used everywhere from India to the United States and the UK. Obed’s business was an instant success with investors, but he would soon discover that not everyone was as happy about his invention as he was. After talking to a stunningly high number of potential consumers, Obed learned that many people either couldn’t afford his product or didn’t think it was necessary for them in the first place. A few business owners even hesitated to do business with him due to his young age. 

To overcome this, Obed believed that he needed to show these users why his solar solution could help them save money on hefty electricity bills over time. In addition, he stayed dedicated and proved his worth to the business and residential clients. He also knew that if word spread throughout suburbia and the cities, Sunforce Solar could explode onto the global market! 

Obed Dominguez Early Life’s Journey 

As an immigrant who came to the United States at a young age, Obed Dominguez had quite a vision for himself. And that vision made him want to succeed in something really big as he developed into adulthood and all of the possibilities presented themselves to him. We know how uncomfortable it can be when you’re bottling up so many different things inside of yourself — so we understand how hard it was for Obed at the time. But he was eventually able to recognize his gift and let his passion guide him toward what would become a defining moment in his career once he finally went after it full force. And now it’s obvious just how big of an impact this one decision has led to on Obed’s life!

By the year 2018, he had already made up his mind that he didn’t want to do anything else but work in the Solar industry. Thus, he started applying for several positions in three different Solar companies and, unfortunately, declined on all the first three attempts. The reason behind these rejections was his insufficient experience in the Solar industry sector. 

However, he was not ready to give up and eventually secured a position in Solar sales. And that’s where he started his journey and, after just two years, founded his own Solar company named Sunforce Solar. 

Obed Dominguez’s Passion for Business and Entrepreneurship 

His confidence, despite his young age, was perhaps one of the most remarkable things about Obed Dominguez. Some contractors were turned off by this fact and felt that due to his age, he did not have enough business management expertise, but Obed Dominguez had a positive personality and an approachable attitude which comforted many during their transactions with Sunforce Solar; therefore, any animosity that may have existed for him, in the beginning, was soon neutralized. Through this, Mr. Dominguez discovered that it takes more than just business prowess to be successful in business – you also need people skills and a sensitive disposition! However, he used these setbacks as motivation to build up a very successful and productive sales team. 

Currently, Obed’s name and success stories are all over the internet, which just proves that with pure dedication, passion, and hard work, anything is possible. Despite such a young age, he has achieved a lot and motivated millions of youngsters and entrepreneurs all over the world to take risks and believe in themselves. 

Obed Dominguez shared his advice in a interview, 

“My advice to those wanting to start a business is for them to ask themselves why they want to start a certain type of business. The reason why people need to ask themselves that is because they need to have a strong purpose. If people do things solely based on money, they will never be happy nor successful.”

Also, Obed believes that one cannot never be a successful entrepreneur or business owner; their goal is just to become rich or earn a massive amount of money. You have to be passionate about your work and solving the problems of the public in order to be satisfied with your work and become a successful entrepreneur.

Obed Dominguez’s Future Plans 

While his company’s fame is growing rapidly, in a recent interview, Obed shared that he wants to do some charity projects before celebrating his 25th birthday. Whereas his next big step is concerned, he plans on launching his own NFT alongside his best friend and business partner, Samuel Barraza. He’s also focusing on Web3.0. 

In order to help other young business entrepreneurs, he plans on writing his very first book. However, there’s no official date of publication announced by him yet. 

Final Takeaway: 

Obed Dominguez can be an excellent example for all business owners. Regardless of where you live, if you want to become an entrepreneur, you can learn a lot from the journey of Obed and his company’s success. If he can achieve massive success at such a young age, then anyone reading his story can do the same. The secret ingredient of success is passion and dedication without losing hope. 

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