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When you come home with a baby for the first time, it's hard to know where to start. Here are some tips for a newborn routine.

Establishing a routine with a newborn

When you come home with a baby for the first time, it’s hard to know where to start. Here are some tips for thinking about everything, while thinking about you.

Most new parents will tell you that it’s not easy to have time for yourself with a baby but newborn blog make it easy for you. A new parent sometimes feels like they spend the day feeding their child and changing diapers. Yet most newborns sleep an average of 16 to 20 hours a day, so you have to wonder where your time goes.

What if what you needed was a little planning? Here are some tips that will help you find some time to relax and get on with your daily tasks.

The maternity stay is coming to an end and you and your little family will finally be able to go home. An exciting stage but which can be terribly agonizing. So for a safe return home with baby, here are some tested and approved tips.

  1. Maternity/home journey: we anticipate

Planning on driving home with your newborn? A few weeks before delivery, practice with your partner how to correctly attach the car seat or the cozy. This will save you a peak of stress on D-Day in the maternity car park. Many videos are available on the Internet to help you familiarize yourself with certain systems, such as Isofix for example.

 A sufficient supply of diapers

For the first few months, you will be changing your baby several times a day and night. While choosing washable or disposable diapers for newborn blog, plan to have enough stock for the first few days. Watch for promotions on online sales sites. There are sometimes very interesting prices.

  1. Stock up on food

A few days before your due date, remember to do a lot of shopping. Fill cupboards and fridges. You can also prepare meals in large quantities that you can freeze.

organic baby formula

Baby’s wardrobe

A baby regurgitates often! To keep it clean and dry throughout the day, plan a large stock of bodysuits, sleeping bags, fitted sheets, pajamas and knitwear. This will save you from spending your time doing a lot of laundry.

Comfort above all ! It’s very tempting to fall for cute little baby outfits. But the first days, favor the comfort of pajamas. There are adorable ones with pretty collars or soft and pleasant materials for babies.

Before use, remember to wash all clothes, towels and baby bed linen. Favor an ecological and labeled detergent, in order to protect the fragile skin of your infant.

A ready and tidy bedroom

Plan the work in the baby’s room at least a month before his arrival. Indeed, it is the time necessary for the toxic substances to evaporate. You can favor ecological paints but still think about ventilating your room for 10 minutes every day. The furniture must also be unpacked and assembled one month before the baby arrives at home, to ventilate them well.

Once back home, you and your spouse may not have much time to devote to the work and decorating their little nest.

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