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Ideas to Illuminate Your Love With Neon Wedding Signs

Your wedding day is supposed to be your big day and that means that each and everything should be perfect. There is almost no one who does not fantasize about their wedding day. Now, it must have all the decorations and management that meet the expectations of the bride and groom.

The wedding neon signs are one of the many decorations that will light up and boost your wedding decor. They are colorful, vibrant, playful, and most importantly purposeful as well. You will find a number of design options that you can use when using neon signs for your big-day venue.

Wedding Altar

Want a stylish decor statement at your wedding altar? Go for neon signs, they will put a vibrant and trendy look to your backdrop. Add a catchy yet romantic phase on these neon signs, ginning an eye-catchy modern vibe to your wedding.

Use Your Names

Personalize the neon signs with your new last name or a family name. You can later use these signs at home as a decorative reminder of your big day. The neon signs with your last names on them will give an attractive yet very contemporary look to the wedding decoration statement.

Customize Them

You can customize the neon signs for your wedding in a hundred ways. You can hire a company service to customize a wedding neon sign. You just have to think of a cool yet eye-catchy sign and let them know about it. They will customize them according to your choices, like what size you want, the colors, the fonts, and everything. There are a few ideas that you can use for custom neon signs are:

  • Your initials
  • Mr. and Mrs.
  • Romantic phrases
  • Family name
  • Till Death Do Us Apart Sign
  • Different love symbols, etc.

Contemporary Photo Booth

In the modern world, people are just crazy about good photos, therefore, want good photo backgrounds. A perfect photo booth requires a lot of consideration on what should be there to enhance the look of the pictures. Considering many other decor options, neon signs can be a perfect idea to customize and illuminate your photo booth. 

Give your guests and yourself a breathtaking photo booth to get fantastic pictures at your wedding. Ask your photographer to take pictures of your guests at the photo booth and have a beautiful collection of reminders for your wedding album.


You get to have so much fun and freedom with your neon signs. Decide what type of sign you want to display at your big day, considering many features. Once you have decided what type of sign you want, go looking for a perfect place to hang it. Because a good sign also requires a good place to illuminate its beauty.

As there are many options on how you can use the neon signs, you can also use them for your proposal. What a great look it will give to your proposal decor, just WOW! Get customized proposal neon led lights and hang them at the place where you want to propose to your loved one. 

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