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Music Lover's Pick: 5 Better Apps Than Spotify

Music Lover’s Pick: 5 Better Apps Than Spotify

Spotify continues to be one of the most used music streaming platforms available. There’s a good chance that you are one of its users or are thinking about getting it. But there are other great music apps with interesting features that are worth exploring too. You might even find these apps ticking more of your boxes. So without further ado, here are 5 better apps than Spotify.

Apple Music

This is Apple’s very own music streaming service and its quality is on par with the rest of the creations of this tech giant. You are going to get a clean interface that lets you browse through a catalog of over 100 million songs. High-quality music playback and unlimited skips are also included here. The app even lets you download all your favorite tracks, so a terrible internet connection can never ruin your listening experience again.

Apple Music also comes with lots of playlists which ensures you always have a good selection to listen to. Finally, the cherry on top is the inclusion of original shows and exclusive content.


  • ₹99/month onwards

Amazon Music

Amazon Music lets you access a humongous catalog of over 100 million songs and 15 million podcast episodes. This includes songs from international as well as a wide range of Indian languages. You are bound to find a lot to love here. Unlimited skips, ad free music, the ability to create community playlists, high-quality music playback, and Amazon’s original podcasts make this app even better. On top of this, it also provides entertaining videos and short clips of popular artists, so you always stay updated about their latest creations.

Choosing this app becomes a no-brainer because it comes bundled with Amazon’s trusted premium delivery service and their video streaming app, Prime Video. Both these services come with benefits like fast and free delivery, and the ability to watch tons of great movies and shows.


  • ₹299/month, ₹599/3 months, and ₹1499/year for the Prime membership

YouTube Music

This is among the most popular music streaming services in the world and has a strong presence in India. YouTube Music lets you access its catalog for free, but if you want any features, you’ll have to get its subscription.

The premium tier offers you background playback and the option to download songs and podcasts. So even if you are in a low-network area, there’s no need to put a pause on your music. One of the key features that help YouTube Music stand out is that you can switch between music and video. For example, if you are listening to Dua Lipa’s Levitating and want to watch the video, you just have to click that toggle.


  • Free with ads and limited features
  • ₹99/month or ₹990/year for premium


This is the newest kid on the block and its youthful UI strikes a chord with its users. Resso was launched back in 2020 in India and it has achieved commendable success thanks to its features. These include unlimited skips, high-quality music, and offline listening.

Resso has some unique offerings like it lets you add sound effects to the songs for a more personalized listening experience. Its song-catch feature lets you recognize any song that’s playing around you. Joining conversations with fellow music lovers, and liking and following playlists is also possible on Resso.


  • ₹59/month and ₹749/year


Ganna was one of the earliest Indian music apps and even though the country started to get populated by international giants, it didn’t budge. Today, it has a catalog of over 30 million songs and is even more special for users who love regional Indian music.

Assamese, Bhojpuri, and Odia are just some of the regional languages in which songs can be found on Gaana. It comes with all the bells and whistles. So you can expect Gaana to let you enjoy features like unlimited downloads, an ad-free listening experience, and high-quality music.

Price: ₹99/month, ₹249/6 months, and ₹299/year

Summing Up

While Spotify is indeed a fine service, it’s always good to know what other options are available. Some of the apps on this list provide varied options to interact with others, a wider selection of regional songs, more unique features, and so on. Do check them all out and pick the one that suits you the best.

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