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It can be tricky to mount a gun safe on the wall. Here's a step by step process on how to master the mounting process.

How to Mount a Gun Safe to the Wall

Crime is on the rise these days. Every day comes with different challenges that raise questions about your security. As a person who is security conscious, there is a need for you to secure what you have with new strategies. Because the truth is, times are changing and old security methods will not work today. 

Everywhere you go, there is this general concern about valuables and personal belongings. Interestingly, even gun owners are not left out. A lot of gun owners today worry about keeping their firearms secure at home. 

Contrary to what you might think, having a gun at home does not keep you totally safe. While it might secure you a bit, it also puts you at a huge risk of theft. That is why it is recommended that gun owners should have an in-wall gun safe. They are always the greatest safety winners when it comes to protecting your firearms and other valuables.

When you install a gun safe properly on the wall, you will probably secure yourself better. Therefore, we have written this article to show you how to install a gun safe on the wall.  

Find the Anchor Hole of the Safe

Most gun safes come with an anchor hole around their base. Usually, the first step in installing security safes is to find this anchor hole. Although most gun safes come with anchor holes, there are a few exceptions that might not have such. 

If after checking, you are sure your gun safe doesn’t have an anchor hole, you can fix one yourself. You may make one by welding it to metal support or simply chaining it down.

Select an Anchoring Spot on the wall

To mount your gun safe, you need a solid anchoring site. Ideally, a cement wall should do. The solid anchoring site is to prevent the gun safe from falling off. Ensure that there are no obstacles in the route of the cement. That is obstacles such as carpeting and flooring. 

Also, make sure your gun safe isn’t in an obvious location or in a place where it draws attention. Remember that the best way to secure a safe is to ensure that no one knows where it is. The more people see it, the more they are drawn to find out its content. 

Drill the Anchoring Hole in the Wall after tracing the outline of the anchor hole.

The next step is to return the safe to its original anchoring point. Outline the anchor hole in the wall with a pen or marker. Mark the location of the anchoring hole using a permanent marker. The location of the gun safe is thrown off by misaligned holes.

Use a drilling hammer with a depth of 3 to 4 inches to drill the anchoring hole. Place the bit at the anchor hole mark and drill the hole by pressing the trigger. 

Once you are done with that, you should proceed to clean out the debris from the anchor hole. To make things easy for you, use compressed air. Simply hold the nozzle of the air to the hole at any angle of choice. Once in the position, spray air into the hole to remove all small debris and dust present there. 

Return the safe to its original location for anchoring.

After drilling holes, it is time to return the gun safe to its original anchoring position. This will help you ensure that the anchoring hole aligns perfectly with the holes you drilled in the cement wall. As you do this, you should check to see if the gun safe is level. You can test to see if the gun safe is level using a carpenter’s level. If the safe is not level, you can use shims to level things out. 

To secure the gun safe, sink the lag bolt.

A cement bolt, a washer, or a cement anchor may be found in almost every anchoring kit. Slide the washer onto the bolt and push it into the hole in the cement. Then tighten the hex nut to the threads using a socket wrench or pliers.

Weld A Metal Support Beam to Your Gun Safe

Place your gun safe precisely next to the metal support beam. Weld the two pieces together. Using a torch, examine the seam produced by the support and the gun safe. Wherever the gun safe and the support comes into contact, seal it.

Attach the safe to the wall stud.

Use a stud finder to locate studs in your wall. Make a mark on the studs where you’ll be securing the safe. Drill a screw hole where the lines are marked. Install the anchoring gun safe by aligning the safe with the drilled holes.


So that’s how you may have an in-wall gun safe installed in your house. If you’re handy, you can do it yourself. Otherwise, get a carpenter to complete the task for you. One of the most dependable and great methods to keep your firearms safe at home is to use this method.

If you can’t drill through your wall, invest in a strong chain or lock. Secure the safe to your bed or table by wrapping the chain around it. You may also use cement to weigh down your gun safe and make it more difficult to relocate.

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