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Helmets are the most important accessories for a motorcycle enthusiast. Learn the difference between full face and modular helmets to pick the perfect one.

Full Face vs. Modular Helmets

A motorcycle ride is extremely dangerous, especially if one is not careful. Motorcycle helmets are your ultimate protection and main bits of gear to protect you from deadly incidents. Whether running a dirt bike, cruise, or your favorite ATV bike, you must always wear your safet∏y gear well.

Some riders find it uncomfortable as they`d love to go in style rather than being careful about their safety gear. That is why most brands have come up with stylish and unique designs as an alternative to accommodate the rider`s safety and satisfy their need for fashion.

There are various kinds of helmets. Each one is customized according to the users’ requirements but with a similar goal. Two of the most durable yet classic designs are full-face helmets and Modular helmets. So if you are stuck between choosing which one suits you the most, let us help you. We are here to guide you about their features and their usability. Let’s get started.

Full face vs Modular helmets

When we look back to the history of these helmets, they were first introduced in the twentieth century. Until that time, users had always been keen on open face helmets as there was no such thing as full face or Modular ones.

However, open-face helmets were less protective as they had the face exposed, so they were more likely to get injured or bruised over an accident. That is when Bell introduced the Full face helmets in the 1960s. You`d probably be wondering about its features and usability. Well, let’s discuss this in-depth.

Full Face Helmets

As you already know about the history of helmets and how they came into existence. After Bell invented Full face helmets, it became the trademark and the best seller helmet.

As riders are more into fashion stuff and like to style themselves, it spread like a piece of news to the general population. You can differentiate open face helmets with the full face. This has been updated with the chin bar. That was the greatest innovation as through multiple surveys, and it was seen that most accidental crashes were impacted directly upon the chin.

However, it is always difficult to opt for a more restricted and sophisticated helmet as the users were more comfortable with the breathable three-quartered helmets. At the same time, the full-face helmets were intended for covering the rider`s whole head for their protection.

As with the breathability, they were designed with pivot face safety guards that can be adjusted to open and close for fresh air. This is the perfect companion for a long ride for extreme security assurance in a traffic jam or on the city roads.


  • Lightweight as compared to Modular helmets
  • It covers the whole face and head
  • Streamlined
  • Fully contained helmets
  • Flip-up visor
  • Geared with the pivot face safeguard for fresh air
  • Built-in chin bar for protection of chin and jaws


  • Psychological disturbance for claustrophobic riders
  • Stuffy and lack ventilation on hot summer days
  • Foggy visor in the winters
  • Trouble fitting in with the glasses

Modular Helmets

You must be familiar with the full-face helmets now. Modular helmets consolidate a pivoted build structure, with the modulated new version of the chin bar. These helmets were first introduced in the 21st century after the full-face helmets.

As there were quite some drawbacks with the full-face helmet. So Modular helmet had an update with the breathability and ventilation system. These helmets have the most sophisticated interior with the maximum durability and comfort of the rider.

These helmets were said to hold a middle ground between the open face and full-face helmet. In addition, the ergonomics of this helmet were intended to offer comfort and ventilation without restricting the riders with the stuffed material.  You can flick the visor up if you want to enjoy the fresh air or talk to your friends freely. Now, with the modular helmets, you don’t have to worry about taking the helmet on and off to drink water or if you crave something while riding.

With the breathable mesh material inside, it absorbs the sweat and gives off a cooling and pleasant effect to the brain so that the rider stays focused on the track. Moreover, sometimes on hot summer days, when you are off for a long ride, suddenly you start sweating, and it drops on your eyes, blocking the view.

That makes it uncomfortable, but we can be confident that it won`t let the moisture get into our eyes with the modular helmet. Moreover, they are geared toward venting technology. This won`t let the heat accumulate inside and thus regulate the temperature around the head.

In addition to these, modular helmets are modified with high-grade tech. That means we can install a BlueTooth device inside for a more comfortable ride.


  • High-grade technology
  • Breathable material
  • Moisture-absorbent
  • Contains properties of both full-face and open-face helmets
  • Pop-up visor
  • Compatible with the glasses
  • Tinted sun visors
  • Flip-up visor for fresh air


  • Chin bar is not reinforced as in the full-face helmet
  • Disengage the face shields exposing the rider to accident
  • Large and heavier as compared to full-face helmets
  • Distractive wind noise.

Final Verdict

Both helmets are intended for the security of a rider. However, modular helmets are somewhat less protective than full-face helmets. If there’s a crash, the face shield is less likely to support the rider with the modular helmets, and it tucks off right away.

This shows the lack of quality, but with the full-face helmet even though they are restricted. The rider can be assured of their safety by pulling off a full-face helmet. So we suggest you go for the full-face helmets.

These helmets are geared with a solid chin bar that protects the riders from getting bruised on the face. But if you want to feel the freedom, then modular helmets are your best option. It is always better to try them on before going out on the road.

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