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Are you a mom who wants to dip their toe into reentering the workplace, without leaving the home? See if teaching English online is right for you!

5 things to do when you are a Mom and want to teach English Online

Let’s face it, juggling life has never been easy, even at the best of times. Somehow, moms are expected to manage to combine taking care of a little one (or more), keeping the house in order, and somehow still have the energy for friendships and other relationships. Add self-care to that list, and it can simply feel overwhelming!

Luckily, technology has come a long way in recent years, not only with helping mothers organize their days, but also with the nuts and bolts of achieving some of the aforementioned lofty goals. And with that, the internet has opened up a whole new pathway for moms who want to dip their toe into reentering the workplace, without sacrificing the home duties they are expected to perform. Thanks to the web, earning a TEFL certificate has become much more accessible for those in need.

One such role that many moms ought to consider is teaching English online. While this may seem like a pipe dream, it is important to note that some teachers did not possess even the most rudimentary skills and yet still thrived, adding to which there is the opportunity to leave a positive lasting impression on other people’s kids too. So, read on for the top 5 tips for any mom who aspires to grow and develop their online career!

Research is important

One of the most commonly asked questions by many women curious to combine their home tasks with a side hustle is the pay. Undoubtedly, there are wildly fluctuating theories abound across the net, but to find out whether a teach online salary really will work within the budget, a period of research is important if not essential to the success of this venture.

For one thing, it is worth paying attention to the currency that the potential employer prefers to pay in. Due to major shifts in the value of the US dollar, British pound sterling, or Euro, what might at first glance seem like an offer that is too good to be true could well really end up that way. Furthermore, some companies require their staff to file their own taxes, a point that is especially pertinent in the United States. As a result, the wage on offer may be either gross or net, and there is a discrepancy there to be found in the fine print, so tread carefully.

Finally, the way in which payment is made can be vastly different, according to the platform. For some companies, it is as simple as a direct deposit into the bank account, but for others an intermediary platform such as PayPal could take their own slice of the pie. Also, as much as it is true that the majority of companies online are relatively flexible on their payment approaches, be prepared to work up to a month in advance before getting a first positive dent in the bank. 

Don’t bite off more than can be chewed

Without a shadow of a doubt, to some moms there is an element of escapism from the drudgery of the day-to-day routine about teaching online. However, being an ideal online teacher takes more than just ability – it also requires dedication and patience, skills which are best mastered when on an A game, as opposed to simply running on fumes.

Therefore, it is probably best to start with just one online company, and there are several other good reasons for this too. First of all, it allows a prospective worker to find out if teaching English online is really all it is cracked up to be for them, and to walk away from the table before the demands become too onerous. Secondly, it enables a smoother transition into a potentially bigger workload, depending on how the initial sessions go, especially if they (as planned) go swimmingly. Last but not least, it provides an opportunity for honest and thoughtful reflection about the ramifications of the decision. It is better to be frank and open about this early on in the process, to avoid potential confusion and difficulty later on down the line.

Consider personality

When it comes to learning English online, the preponderance of learners are choosing to invest their time and money into a person rather than a textbook. This means that most of them are looking for an interaction-based session, where the tutor is present in the (virtual) room, as opposed to taking a nap on the other side of the screen. Although many deem humor to be a necessary tool in the teaching kit, that is actually more of a myth than a day-to-day reality.

Having said that, being genuine and real with students is non-negotiable. Learners can see right through a mirage or an individual who is merely dialing it in, so any mom thinking about this line of work really has to be willing and ready to put in their fair share of hard work to earn the trust of the students, and keep the quality of the content high.

Look around the environment

As a mom, it does seem as though the child’s influence is everywhere, from miscellaneous toys strewn across the floor, to scribbles adorning the fridge. For online teaching to be smooth, though, a separate space away from the noise of the little one must be near the top of the list. In this way, the area can be much more clearly focused on the teaching process, making it simpler for instructor and pupil alike to stay right on track. In addition, it has the added bonus of minimizing the likelihood of any unfortunate accidents happening.

Invest in quality tools

Ever had that frustration where a family call cuts out because of a bad signal, or a long-awaited catch up with a friend is put on ice because the battery died? Well, now imagine the sensation that a keen student has when they have taken the brave decision to start learning English, often in their free time, only to find that their teacher leaves them hanging in the middle of a session. Paying for good quality internet, webcam, computer and microphone probably feels over the top to begin with, primarily because the goal is make money, not spend it, but the long-term payoff for a mom serious about the career move is well worth it. One has to invest to get a return, as they say.

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