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Looking for a way to buy military patches online. Check out the Armed Forces Superstore, which has the biggest collection of patches online.

The Biggest Collection of Military Patches Online

Are you a huge collector of military patches? Were you in the military and missed out on some patches that you would like to have in your possession? Did you accidentally lose some patches that you earned and want to replace them? No worries! The Armed Forces SuperStore is the internet’s largest supplier of military patches around. 

Patches for all branches

There are patches available for all branches and ranks of the military: 

  • Army 
  • Marine Corps
  • Coast Guard 
  • Navy 
  • Air Force 

military patches collection

On a more granular level, the patches are broken down by branch for easier browsing: 

  • Air Defense
  • Airborne
  • Armor
  • Aviation
  • Chemical 
  • Civil Affairs
  • Commands
  • Engineer
  • Field Artillery 
  • Infantry
  • Maneuver Enhancement
  • Medical
  • Military Intelligence
  • Military Police
  • Ordnance
  • Personnel Services
  • Psychological Operations
  • Ranger
  • Signal 
  • Special Forces
  • Special Operations
  • State National Guard 
  • Support
  • Sustainment
  • Transportation

military patches collection

There are also numerous patch types:

  • OCP Scorpion
  • AF OCP Patches
  • Flag Patches
  • Flashes 
  • Full-Color Patches
  • Infrared Patches
  • ACU Patches
  • Subdued Patches
  • Oval Patches
  • Tabs

This really is the website for all your patch needs. Also, the pricing is very reasonable. The prices range from $2.19 to just under $30. Keep in mind, these patches are not customized with names and dates, but there is a way to tell where and what they are for. 

Not only is Armed Forces Superstore the largest online dealer of patches, but you can also request a catalog and participate in promotions from the website. 

Ordering is super easy as well. Depending on the type of patches you’re looking for, the ordering section is broken down into a range of drop-down boxes to make it easier to select all the categories necessary for ordering the patch you desire. There’s also a section to let you know which patches are usually bought together to help you complete the look. 

Not sure which patch you’re supposed to be ordering? Some of the patches are displayed with a “Criteria” section in the description. It has information such as what the patch is for, where it is from, how it is to be worn, and the measurements. 

For example, if you want to order the 100th Division (Training) Class A Patch, the criteria section will inform you that this patch is for the 100th Division Training (Formerly the 100th Infantry Division) that was in Fort Knox, KY. It explains that it’s a full-color patch to be worn on the Army’s Dress Green uniform and measures 2-¼- in wide by 2-¾-in tall. 

Concerned about how to place the patch on the uniform? The individual descriptions on the patches also tell you what section of the uniform the patch should be on and how to attach it to the uniform. 

For example, the 101st Sustainment Brigade ACU patch-based out of Fort Campbell, KY should be worn on the shoulder sleeve of the Universal Camouflage Pattern Army Combat uniform and needs to be attached using hook and loop fasteners. There’s even a video to demonstrate how to put it on.

military patches collection


The Armed Forces Superstore can definitely be your first and last stop for buying any kind of military patch imaginable. You could definitely spend hours on this website just relishing in the nostalgia of all these military patches. They don’t only offer patches though. 

There are hundreds of thousands of military patches, awards, decorations, uniforms, and accessories offered on this site. They also offer a few ways to contact them so you can get direct support through a phone call with a human being or email. There is also a brick and mortar store in Milwaukie, Oregon if you’re in the neighborhood and feel like stopping in.

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