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Indigenous communities have been using a medicine wheel for several thousand years. Find out how your overall wellbeing can benefit from the medicine wheel.

Learning a Few Things About Medicine-Wheel for Overall Wellbeing

Indigenous communities worldwide have been using a medicine wheel symbol for several thousand years to help teach, convey, and maintain specific values. The medicine wheel consists of four quadrants, each representing different attributes like the four seasons, the four sacred medicines, and the four directions (North, South, East, and West). When interconnected lines meet at the center of the medicine wheel, they signify harmony and balance. The medicine wheel is a sacred symbol in the Native American culture also as it highlights how everything on earth comes together to ensure connection. When you train in the medicine wheel, you will get introduced to four stages of existence – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. 

However, learning from the right source can be a critical process. That’s why consider taking healer training from The Jaguar Path or any such credible person or place to realize its full potential. During the learning process, you will experience the significance of maintaining a balance between them in the healing. Before this, let’s dive into the four aspects of the medicine wheel.

Physical state

Physical being or form consists of bones and muscles that help you cover this life journey. Many people know that the proper diet and exercise can balance their physical state. But while these are necessary, healthy eating and exercising are not the only things that offer balance. Mental stress can impact its wellness and affect it in the long run. People facing such issues can be physically and emotionally vulnerable too. They can get rid of this when they are conscious of the other states, and here the role of the medicine wheel becomes essential. 

Mental state

Your conscious thoughts represent your mental state at a basic level. If you dig deeper, you will realize that your mind is more than them. It is about desires and reliefs that also form your value system. A balanced mind can decide and move quickly while keeping intact its values. However, you struggle to move forward when disrupted, feeling disconnected from your inner goals. As a result, doubts and chaos creep in, and you feel stuck. But a balanced mind keeps you focused with clarity of decision.

Emotional state

Your emotional health takes you back to the past to remind you of your future. It is a carrier of your emotions and feelings. Fears, anxieties, triumphs, and other such experiences stay there and get recalled at the right time. But pain and trauma can hinder this process leading to negativity. If there is too much stress, the effects will reflect on other states of your being. Your wellbeing can be at stake. With the knowledge of the medicine wheel, you can build emotional intelligence to deal with the imbalance and restore your sanity.

Spiritual state

Your relation with the world stands for your spiritual existence in the context of things. The indigenous culture highlights its relation with the Creator. When spiritual energy flows down other states of your reality, you remain balanced. Essentially, it is about keeping oneself open to receive energy from the universe. When you work on it, you gain intuitive powers and spiritual realization.

Find the right guide and get trained if you wish to experience this and benefit from the medicine wheel.

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