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Man-made diamonds are true diamonds. They are not fake or simulants. Are they worth the hype?

Man-Made Diamonds: Are They Good for Your Status?

Someone can consider this question strange or senseless but status matters. Those who had worked hard to create a solid image and built a distinct life strategy that often is related to socially-influential professions exactly know what we mean.  It is not an easy choice to wear a thing if you are, for example, a famous person, whose style and values are tracked and followed. If you are considered a thought leader or trendsetter wearing things means promoting some values ascribed to those things. 

It is a case not only for celebrities but for every average person as well. If you wore natural diamonds yesterday you would hesitate whether choosing man-made diamonds could be a step back or a sign of lowering your personal level of life. It is the right question since we strive for becoming better and reaching new heights in every decision.

If it is your case too, just read below – we have good news for you. 

Point one – central

Man-made diamonds are true diamonds. They are not fake or simulants.  They are absolutely identical to natural diamonds and have a single difference to them – origin.

While naturally occurring gems are formed under growth-favorable conditions somewhere deep in the earth’s mantle, man-made diamonds are grown in a laboratory under the same conditions but provided by using technology. They both are grown from the same material – single element carbon, the atoms of which are arranged in a crystal structure.  It is indeed crystallization that endows diamonds with so beautiful appearance and properties. 

By the way, the properties of man-made diamonds do not differ in any way from the properties of their natural counterpart. One could not tell the same about diamond simulants to which lab-grown gems are sometimes compared. Thus, moissanite, white sapphire, or cubic zirconia possesses a blend of features, which allows for simulating the overall appearance of the diamonds. Yet, in fact, they are absolutely chemically distinct from natural and man-made diamonds. 

Inference: No difference – no harm to your status. 

Point two – verifying

You can easily check whether we tell you the truth.

All the information about man-made diamonds is fixed in quality certificates. Are you surprised? You did not imagine that they are certified? We hope you did. But just in case, be informed that there is no term “natural” diamond in classifications and official definitions. Attribute natural was removed as the description of origin but not a kind of quality. It was a response to the emergence of man-made diamonds, which were acknowledged officially as diamonds too. Acknowledgment was based on the results of precise explorations of the quality and compliance to the 4Cs certification system that prior was used only to certify natural diamonds.

All this information – origin, 4C’s parameters, -you will find in the certificate. Just do not forget to ask it before purchasing.

Recommendation:  verify the quality to protect your status  

Point three – tricky

Can anyone distinguish whether your diamond is natural or lab-created?

Cheating is not a good thing but sometimes we have to use tricks as a response to some life situations. And situations might be diverse. Be sure nobody can distinguish man-made diamonds from natural ones.  It is an authoritative thought from the expert in the area of the lab-grown diamond industry – Madestones. Nobody can distinguish except for the gemologist with a professional zooming glass or except for the situation when you wear your man-made diamonds with a certificate attached. Pay attention that sometimes jewelers label lab-grown diamonds with laser inscription just to make sure they are not mixed with natural diamonds.  

Note for tricksters: be attentive with tricks not to trick yourself.

And few words about status bonuses you can get wearing man-made diamonds:

  • Being an environmentally-concerned person since lab-grown diamonds are environment-friendly;
  • Image of a progressive person since lab-created diamonds are innovative products;
  • Being unique since you can customize your man-made diamonds in any desired way.

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