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Most people thing sex toys are gendered and mostly designed for women. But the truth is sex toys are for everyone, here's a list of male sex toys.

How many male sex toys are in the market?

Most individuals believe that sex toys are gendered and mostly designed for women. This is not the case as all individuals, regardless of gender, have never endings and respond to stimulation, vibrations and touches. There are specific toys tailored to meet the sexual fantasies of men and to improve their experiences in general. The top sex toys for men can be classified according to the material, prices, type and vibrating vs. non-vibrating. Let’s explore some of the sex toys that are designed for men.

Sweety Magic Cat Stroker

The sweety magic cat stroker is designed using elastic materials to fit men of different sizes and shapes. With each stroke, the texture of the stroker offers an extreme sensation to the user. It is, however, advisable to fill the hollow with lube and then slip it in. using lube reduces friction and any other uncomfortable situations. The Bad Peach offers global deliveries, and the packages are wrapped well to enhance your privacy.

Pure G- spot metal wand

You can never compare a prostrate orgasm to the standard orgasm reached through sex. Often men do not go back to the traditional orgasms after trying anal sex- the male g-spot is located on the prostate gland and thus easily accessible through the anus. These stainless sex toys avail the right amount of pressure and stimulation to ensure your orgasms. It is made from medical-grade stainless steel, which reduces the risk of infections and injuries and the balls come in different sizes allowing the user to select the one that best meets their needs. The surface is smooth and non-porous, cleaning it up quite easily.

Vibrating cock ring

Vibration increases sexual pleasure by making the nerves around the genitals sensitive. And no matter how good you are at sex as a man, you can never vibrate, which means the need to over-compensate will always be there. The vibrating cock ring gives you and your partner extra pleasure during sex. It also helps control how long you last, makes you harder and even controls how you cum as it controls blood flow out of the penis. The person wearing the ring always reaps the benefits of blood flow restrictions while the partner gains pleasure from the vibrations during sex. These rings come in different sizes to accommodate different types and sizes of penises. They are made of elastic and soft materials, making removing them easy.

Yasso Luxury male masturbator.

The Yasso Luxury male masturbator is an ideal way of enjoying your alone masturbation time- don’t worry, this is a safe space where we discuss things that most people view as taboos. Most male masturbators are simple sleeves made of silicone or elastic materials that are easily over your penis compared to a hand for more pleasure and sensation. Yasso luxury masturbator replicates the feeling of oral sex or when penetrating a partner. Constant practice with such toys helps control your orgasms and improve your stamina which could positively impact your relationship with your partner.

Butt plugs

Butt plugs are the most underrated adult toys; I mean, they are inclusive and can be enjoyed by anyone with an anus, regardless of gender. These tear-shaped sex toys that are designed with a wider base to reduce the risk of getting sucked in too far can be used to turn around your boring sex life into nights and days full of escapades either alone or in the company of your partner. Your anus is composed of a complex network of nerve endings- this means you will always feel Fant-ass-tic when stimulated. Butt plugs are rubricated and inserted for intense pleasure as the male g-spot is located in the anus. They can also expand your anus if you plan on exploring bigger things.

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