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Male Celebrities in Custom Hair Systems, Toupees, and Men's Hair Wigs

Male Celebrities in Custom Hair Systems, Toupees, and Men’s Hair Wigs

Custom Hair systems for men are once again in style. More men are wearing toupees and wigs, whether to hide their hair loss or simply for a makeover. When your favorite celebrities join the trend, you can tell hair systems and wigs are getting popular. 

Businesses know that consumers’ favorite celebrities motivate them to explore the world of custom hair systems. We’ve listed some famous men wearing hair wigs and toupees:

  • Matthew McConaughey
  • Brad Pitt
  • Charlie Sheen
  • Robert Pattinson
  • Al Pacino
  • Kevin Costner
  • Sean Connery
  • Daniel Craig
  • John Travolta
  • Hugh Laurie
  • Nicolas Cage
  • Brendan Fraser
  • Jude Law
  • Jon Cryer
  • Chuck Norris


Matthew McConaughey

McConaughey is regarded as one of Hollywood’s most attractive men and frequently plays the lead in big-budget movies. One of his most recognizable features and a feature that is synonymous with his acting is his distinctive sleek-back hair.

Although McConaughey, 51, appears to have had luck with his hair, the actor actually lost his hair in the 1990s. McConaughey is going back in time and adding more coats with custom hair systems, creating a seamless hair system that all hairpiece factories try to imitate.

Anyone can wear a hair system if Hollywood’s most sexist man can do so.


Brad Pitt

The notorious Brad Pitt is one of McConaughey’s competitors for the title of “Hollywood’s Sexist Man.” His famous dirty blonde hair is a well-known feature of his appearance, but it’s all a clever illusion created by a toupee and hair system.

Pitt’s hair loss made headlines after he showed up at a red carpet event with prominent bald spots and a receding hairline. Pitt quickly restored his signature blonde hair with a hair system, joining the growing number of male celebrities who have invested in wigs and toupees.


Charlie Sheen


One of McConaughey’s rivals for the title of “Hollywood’s Sexist Man” is the infamous Brad Pitt. His well-known dirty blonde hair is one of his most recognizable physical characteristics. Still, it’s all a clever illusion made possible by a toupee and hair system.

Pitt’s balding gained attention when he appeared at a red carpet event sporting glaring bald spots and a receding hairline. Pitt, who has joined the growing list of male celebrities who have opted to wear wigs and toupees, quickly restored his trademark blonde hair with a hair system.


Robert Pattinson

Male Celebrities in Custom Hair Systems, Toupees, and Men's Hair Wigs

Male Celebrities in Custom Hair Systems, Toupees, and Men’s Hair Wigs

Hollywood was at Pattinson’s feet as he filmed the Twilight movie series. His Edward Cullen character was well known for his thick brown hair, which helped win the hearts of millions of female fans. Pattinson acknowledged in several interviews that the distinctive Edward Cullen look was created with hair systems, including several wigs.

When the series was being filmed, the actor was in his mid-20s and was balding and losing hair due to bleaching and over-styling for other film roles. The example of Pattinson demonstrates how more young men use hair systems to cover up damaged hair.

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Al Pacino

Comparing and contrasting images of Al Pacino throughout his illustrious Hollywood career reveal that the actor has been balding and dealing with hair loss for a very long time.


Pacino frequently changes his hair for roles and public appearances using various toupees and hair systems. The actor is a living example of how purchasing hair systems can give you the power to control your personal style and the flexibility to alter your appearance.


Kevin Costner

Oscar-winner Kevin Costner is another Hollywood legend who is renowned for his use of custom hair systems. Since beginning his acting career, Costner has worn several wigs and custom hair systems to cover up his receding hairline.

The actor has progressed naturally to using more natural-looking hair systems that seamlessly blend the wig and his own hair. The most popular toupee style for men is this seamless design.


Sean Connery

Male Celebrities in Custom Hair Systems, Toupees, and Men's Hair Wigs

Male Celebrities in Custom Hair Systems, Toupees, and Men’s Hair Wigs

Bond. John Bond. Sean Connery is one of the actors who first brought the enduring character to life on the big screen. However, Daniel Craig currently holds the title. Connery used a variety of hairpieces to cover up his early-onset balding while portraying the illustrious British spy.

It turns out that James Bond’s toupee was his secret weapon. In fact, Sean Connery, who passed away in 2013, wore one in every single one of the first James Bond movies.

Due to genetic baldness, which more men than ever before are experiencing, Connery wore a toupee. There is no better endorsement than James Bond’s if you’re trying to convince a client to try a toupee.


Daniel Craig

To Bond, Connery is not the only one to employ a toupee as a tactical advantage. It’s rumored that Daniel Craig, who currently holds the license to kill, also uses hair extensions. As baldness has begun to appear in paparazzi photos over the years, rumors that the actor uses a clever combination of custom hair systems to cover the problem have surfaced.

It’s thought that not one, but two Bonds wear wigs and toupees. What more affirmation could a man ask for?


John Travolta


John Travolta is one example of a male celebrity who isn’t embarrassed to admit wearing a wig. The Pulp Fiction and Grease actor frequently appears in public without a wig on to reveal his bald head before making a second appearance with one. The actor is coming to terms with his natural baldness, but wigs help him stand out.

According to Travolta’s fashion sense, men who want the freedom to embrace their baldness or conceal it with a hair system can choose toupees and wigs as the ideal option.


Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie, a British actor, is rumored to wear a toupee and wig after photos of his thinning and balding hair surfaced online. The celebrity returned in his popular television series “House” with a full head of hair, probably due to a custom hair system.


Nicolas Cage

Male Celebrities in Custom Hair Systems, Toupees, and Men's Hair Wigs

Male Celebrities in Custom Hair Systems, Toupees, and Men’s Hair Wigs

Nicolas Cage is a different actor who has been open about using hair systems. Cage has discussed his preference for donning wigs during his high-profile movies, even though he claims that he prefers to keep his natural hair in real life.

Another famous person who uses custom hair systems to hide hair thinning and a receding hairline is the National Treasure actor. Both problems are brought on by aging and are common among men. According to research, by age 50, 85% of men are balding.


Brendan Fraser

Another actor who frequently used wigs and toupees on the big screen was Fraser. The actor wore a toupee wig throughout several blockbuster movies to simulate pattern baldness.


Jude Law

Jude Law is another famous person who is said to use wigs and hair systems, though this has not been confirmed. If you pay close attention to the actor from “Cold Mountain,” you’ll notice that his hair has grown thicker with age, defying the balding trend that most men experience.

Jude Law is undoubtedly another famous person who proudly joins our list of wig and toupee wearers.


Jon Cryer

Male Celebrities in Custom Hair Systems, Toupees, and Men's Hair Wigs

Male Celebrities in Custom Hair Systems, Toupees, and Men’s Hair Wigs

The actor from “Two and a Half Men” has been open about balding his hair. He made it clear that his full head of hair results from carefully selected hair systems when he told Conan O’Brien that his hair is “gone now.”

Another famous person, Cryer, accepts his baldness. Still, his prior use of custom hair systems has demonstrated that men have more options than they may realize. Men can experiment with wigs and toupees to recreate the appearance of a full head of hair rather than accepting baldness and a receding hairline as a natural part of aging.



As one of the top manufacturers of hairpieces, New Times Hair works closely with salons and online retailers to develop hair systems that suit all men. This list of male celebrities who wear custom hair systems, wigs, and toupees demonstrates the rising demand for these items among people of all ages.

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