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Ultimate Guide to Choose a Corner Makeup Vanity for Your Bedroom

A bed is a must-have item for very bedroom, while makeup vanity is also necessary for the females’ bedroom. Women will use the makeup vanity table to store the cosmetics, like lipsticks, eyeshadow, combs and even books, etc. Moreover, the best makeup vanity is the most suitable one for your unique bedroom or dressing room. Lots of people would choose the dressing tables in the general shape but I think corner makeup vanity is the best for both small bedroom and larger dressing room.

A corner dressing table is right for a small bedroom since it makes full use of the dead space. Placing it on the right corner, according to your bedroom layout, will not take up too much space and influence people’s walking. Especially the elegant corner dressing table with cabinet storage is able to keep the aesthetic of the room and provide space to organize your daily items neatly. Some corner dressing desks even bring USB ports and mirror to optimize the makeup experience, which will well combine beauty and functionality together. 

A makeup vanity table can be used to store cosmetics and more. Here's our guide so you can choose the perfect makeup vanity.

For a large bedroom or dressing room, the corner makeup vanity set with chest of drawers is a wonderful choice. This vanity table set always includes a makeup vanity, a mirror, a stool and a chest of drawers. Additionally, it can be normally placed as a dressing table with side cabinet as well as can be retracted to be a l-shaped table for the corner space. The chest cabinet can also work as a bedroom TV cabinet. This kind of vanity table set is multifunctional and used in several scenes, such as a dressing table with side chest; a makeup vanity with TV stand; a vanity table with long office desk, etc.

Thus no matter for the narrow bedroom or the spacious bedroom, the corner makeup vanity is a worthwhile option. Once you have ideas to shop a corner dressing table for your room, browse the key factors to purchase a right vanity table. 

Keys to Choose A Makeup Vanity for the Corner Space

  • Budget: Any shopping should be based on your personal budget and it necessary to estimate how much you should pay for the makeup table. For instance, when you plan $1000 for a corner makeup table with storage, will you pay if the ideal one is $1099? Make sure the maximum range of the price that you can afford.
  • Dimension: When the bedroom only can contain a small makeup vanity, ensure the table will fit for the remaining space. Thus, a corner dressing table or multifunctional vanity should be the best option. Once you need to spread out all makeup products and daily items, choose a big vanity table if you have enough space. It is a pity and troublesome to buy a makeup vanity with incorrect dimension. Measure the available area at first and search for the ideal makeup vanity considering the measurement, especially when you’d like to choose the corner dressing desk.
  • Storage: Due to the personal preferences, someone may like a table with drawers while others may like vanities with open shelves. Common corner dressing tables would come with drawers or side cabinet. You can even save plenty of cosmetics, books, clothes and more in the big retractable makeup vanity set with chest, so you don’t need to worry about the less space for storing up your goods even though you are a shopaholic. Besides, the size of the storage is also a must-think element if you tend to accommodate lots of larger or higher items. 

  • Style: Modern, simple, vintage, luxury, Nodic, farmhouse and more, which one is your bedroom’s design style? Actually, many online stores including Povison, provide the corner dressing tables available in different colors and finishes. Pick up the corresponding one for your cozy bedroom. As we can see at many website, modern white vanity table and wooden dressing tables are widely-selected.
  • Easy to Assemble: As a dressing table is not fully-assembled, you need to install it by yourself. Whether it is easy to assemble should be an important factor to consider, especially if you are a DIY-beginner. 
  • Accessories: For makeup vanity, the frequently-seen accessories involve mirror (with LED light or not), stool, storage grid or USB port and sockets. If the vanity set is fully equipped, you don’t need to waste any time and money to shop for the appendages.

Check out those six points to pick up a right corner makeup vanity for your bedroom. Don’t like the corner dressing desk? Browse more excellent designs and styles of makeup tables on POVISON furniture store.

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