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Luxear designs premium containers for all kinds of food storage. Learn how their designs can save you money and help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

Luxear is changing the game when it comes to food storage

Eating fresh fruit & veggies is a key part of maintaining any healthy diet. If you aren’t fortunate enough to live next to your local farmer, though, chances are you won’t be getting a fresh supply of food every single day. Storing fruit, vegetables, and other food can be a real challenge because healthy food doesn’t tend to stay fresh all that long. Luckily, Luxear is a brand dedicated to preserving your food as long as possible.

Luxear creates a wide range of produce containers that can support you on the path to eating healthier every day. With Luxear’s storage containers, you’ll get some extra life and extended freshness for your fruits & veggies, which means that you won’t find yourself throwing away uneaten produce just a few days after you bring it home from the store.

Don’t let spoiled food ruin your diet or break your bank account wide open. Let Luxear help you keep your food fresh until you’re ready to eat it. The revolutionary design of Luxear’s storage containers will improve your food, organize your refrigerator, and make your day to day life that much simpler. Come with us to take a deeper look at your new favorite food storage solution.


One brand, many needs

There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to food, so Luxear is prepared for any situation. The modular design of their storage containers means that a single container can meet several different needs. The basic container model comes with multiple attachments that allow you to change functionality depending on what you need to store.

Simple section dividers will help you store multiple foods in a single container. A removable drainer will help keep moisture off your produce so that it stays fresh for as long as possible. Adjustable air vents on the lid let you control just how much exposure to open air your snacks are getting, and every lid is also foldable, so storing your storage containers becomes a no-brainer.

Luxear’s containers come in various sizes, to help you tackle problems big and small. All of them are constructed with clear, BPA-free plastic. The containers aren’t just steady and durable, they also let you see inside to check on the status of your food. No more surprises when you remove a lid on a plastic container you forgot about at the back of the fridge!

Results you need to see

When you finally get your first set of Luxear containers, you’ll be stunned by how much time they add to the lifespan of your produce. If you’ve been finding yourself throwing away rotten fruit & veggies on a regular basis, then Luxear will be nothing short of game changing. Luxear wants to help everyone lead cleaner, healthier lives, and the affordable price point on their containers is a way to make sure that anyone who needs them can get a set.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself, or looking for a perfect holiday gift for the foodie in your life, Luxear is the brand you should be paying attention to — especially when you use Discount Code: 10% NJLW5U32!

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