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Intimidated by all the options for t shirt printing in Singapore? Learn all about Luminous Printing and see how they are perfect for your job!

We Offer The Best Customize T Shirt & Lanyard Printing Services in Singapore

In today’s world, adding your brand or design to a plain T-Shirt goes a long way toward making it stand out. You may want to know the printing method to employ before creating your Custom T-Shirt design

You will find a list of the several types of T-Shirt printing Singapore procedures accessible here. We will tell the benefits and downsides of each of these strategies separately. After reading this article, you should have a good notion of which t-shirt printing process to choose.

Silkscreen printing in Singapore:

Serigraph is another name for silkscreen printing. Serigraph comprises two Greek words: seicos, which means silk, and graphics, which means writing. The oldest kinds of printmaking are silkscreen printing and other stencil-based printing technologies. Our top t-shirt printing Singapore offers the most affordable silk screen printing service.

Service of embroidery in Singapore:

Backing will be on the inside of your embroidered shirts or embroidered apparel to support the embroidery threads. Embroidery is trendy on corporate wear, such as Customised hats, Polo Tees, and Windbreakers. It adds professionalism and classy touch. Our embroidery is done in Singapore by our manufacturing team, which is overseen by a skilled team of designers, digitizers, and quality control managers.

Digital Heat Transfer in Singapore:

Heat Transfer Printing, also known as Iron-on Heat Transfer and Digital Heat Transfer Printing, is done with the help of a heat transfer medium like heat transfer paper or a vinyl-rubber type substance. On the side of the heat transfer medium, an image of the artwork is printed. We can package our entire production line and deliver it straight to your event’s doorstep without you having to order t-shirts ahead of time! Interact with the screen printing process on-site to create one-of-a-kind wearable art pieces.

Printing on Vinyl in Singapore:

As the premier printing company in Singapore, we offer vinyl printing in various forms, colors, and materials, ensuring that any vision you have for your brand may be realized. When you hire our company in Singapore to print gloss-coated Mirrorkote stickers or strong vinyl stickers, you can rest assured that you’ll get a superior product every time.

Direct to Garment Printing (DTG) method:

Direct to Garment printing is a computer-assisted process that converts an image into a computerized piece of artwork. The computer will calculate and measure the exact ink needed to match the original artwork’s hues. Cotton t-shirts, hoodies, and polo shirts work well with our Direct to Garment printing.

Best Service for dye-sublimation printing:

This process differs significantly from many of the other t-shirt printing methods we offer, making it both unique and appealing. Unlike other printing techniques that print ink directly onto the cloth’s surface, sublimation printing embeds the ink into the fabric. In addition, we offer full-color sublimation printing. Our lanyard printing in Singapore prices are among the most affordable and of the highest quality in the Singapore market.

The Singapore Top Service of Foil Printing:

Hot stamping or Foil Stamping is commonly used to add a metallic sheen to specific parts of a design, such as a logo, headings, and so on. Aside from Gold and Silver, we also have a variety of metallic color options. To achieve practical and creative results, we provide additional services to complement or enhance your printed creations.

Apparel Made to Order:

At Luminous Printing, we offer a wide range of custom hoodie printing services to meet your specific requirements. T-shirt printing in Singapore has never looked better, from a bespoke print of your own design to supplying you with the most fantastic designs with our in-house designers to even organizing an interactive workshop for your event!

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