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Long-distance relationships are often stressful for couples. However, with a few simple tips, you can keep the love alive

Tips for couples in long-distance relationships

There are many reasons why two people who love each other have to live hundreds or even thousands of kilometers away. Some people have romances at resorts, some find the love of their lives on the Internet, and some are on business trips.

The psychology of long-distance relationships fundamentally differs from those based on immediate proximity. Statistically, they do not last more than two to three years. After that, meetings are infrequent, and when you need the support and love of a loved one, the maximum you can count on is a video call in a messenger.

By using apps specifically made for long-distance couples, you can maintain contact and intimacy even when there are miles between you and your long-distance partner.‌

It is quite a serious challenge, and not everyone can overcome it. How common are these cases: he plays teen patti real cash games in New Delhi, and she works as a kindergarten teacher in London, dating each other. So how do you keep the relationship alive?

long distance relationship

The disadvantages of maintaining a long-distance relationship

Prolonged separation, like litmus paper, can show the family’s advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, before proceeding with the psychologist’s advice and discussing how to maintain a long-distance relationship with your loved one, we would like to dwell on the advantages and disadvantages of such a relationship.

If we talk about the minuses, here everything is simple:

  • Lack of tactile contact. Even the most vital emotional and spiritual connection can not last long without physical contact. It is he who is the basis of a normal relationship. Partners can be close in spirit and experience similar emotions, but if they cannot touch each other, look into the eyes, to feel breathing, such communication can not be called meaningful;
  • Risk of infidelity. It increases if the separation lasts a very long time and is accompanied by mutual recriminations and conflicts. Any quarrel may be an impetus to seek sympathy on the side. In addition, the distance between people contributes to removing the “moral blockade. If the partner is far away, no one will know about the infidelity. Practice shows that sooner or later, the truth comes out, and then the breakup becomes inevitable;
  • A feeling of loneliness and longing. Many people turn to a psychologist for advice on keeping a long-distance relationship (how to keep the interest of the man or woman in particular) because they madly miss their soul mate. Moreover, because of the long separation, a person can lose interest in life, become depressed, and live from meeting to meeting with your loved one;
  • The habit of being alone. Being apart for a long time, lovers can become strangers and gradually get used to alone – planning their day and doing what they want. Often after a reunion, people do not manage to establish a joint household and get along together;
  • Lack of attention. To maintain feelings, exchanging pleasant words and caring for each other constantly is necessary. Any manifestation of attention to your partner helps him to feel needed and loved. At a distance, performing this simple rule becomes more complicated: People in different time zones do not always live in the same rhythm. They lose common themes, and hobbies. If you used to be able to get into different sports together, for example, now everyone looks at updates separately, without discussing them together. As time passes, communication with a partner comes to naught – endless phone calls and video meetings are replaced by routine greetings and good night wishes, and along with it, the feelings fade away;
  • Uncertainty in the future and distrust of the partner. In fear of cheating, partners begin to control each other’s actions. Missed calls or unread messages become a good reason for a quarrel. Jealousy makes you constantly think that your partner is infatuated with someone else, his loyalty is questioned, and the impossibility of being near him brings the situation to the limit.

long distance relationship

Benefits of maintaining a long-distance relationship

It would help if you didn’t think that long-distance relationships have only disadvantages. Temporary separation from your loved one has its advantages as well:

  • An opportunity to test your feelings. It’s no secret that true love can withstand any obstacles, including distance. If the couple went through months of separation and still maintained a relationship of trust and strong feelings, you can say with confidence that people genuinely love each other;
  • A person reveals an entirely different side. Negative qualities that were at first carefully concealed often come to light. Separation allows you to see them and understand whether it is your person. Even with a break, it is essential to find the pluses: this relationship could take a lot more time and effort;
  • An opportunity to make the most productive use of your free time. The period of separation you can devote to self-improvement, career advancement, meeting with friends and family, or just doing something you’ve been dreaming about for a long time;
  • Memorable meetings and their anticipation. Being at a distance, lovers meet pretty rarely.

However, these infrequent dates can make a bright – if only there were a desire, and you’ll have enough time for this.

long distance relationship

How to save a long-distance relationship?

  • Communicate as often as possible. It does not mean it is necessary to bother your partner with constant calls and messages. It is essential to maintain regularity and high quality of communication. Tell your loved one about your daily activities, and share your thoughts, ideas, and experiences – this gives the feeling that the person is there and ready to provide support at any time.
  • Advice on all essential matters. If your significant other is far away, it does not mean that you are free to do anything. Solve problems together, ask your partner’s advice and listen to them.
  • Find similar hobbies. For example, you can watch the same movie simultaneously, exchange impressions about it in instant messengers, or go for a “joint” morning run.
  • Give each other gifts and make little surprises. The availability of delivery services allows you to surprise your loved ones, even at a distance, pleasantly. It is not necessary to spend money on expensive things. Sometimes a bouquet or sweets for tea is enough to make your significant other happier.
  • Meet at the first opportunity. The more frequent the meetings, the easier the separation will be. If there is no possibility to come to each other for a long time, try to carve out at least a couple of days – for example, weekends.
  • Set a date for the next meeting in advance. There is nothing worse than uncertainty if they both know the date of the next meeting; the time before it will pass more accessible and easy.
  • Don’t get hung up on loneliness; try to distract yourself. You should not sit at home always, be bored and feel sorry for yourself. Use this time to your maximum advantage: meet with your loved ones and do your favorite hobbies. It will make the separation less painful.
  • Do not lie to your partner, and do not give in to temptations. It is much easier to cheat at a distance than when you are near. After all, your beloved will not know that instead of going to bed, you went to a club or bar. However, this behavior destroys trust and emotional connection. On top of that, the one not distinguished by fidelity himself begins to suspect his partner of cheating. As a result, there is no avoidance of quarrels, scandals, and mutual recriminations.

There is a perception that the relationship that has passed this test can withstand any confusion. Time will tell whether this is true or not. The main thing is one thing – love, albeit without physical contact, should bring happiness and positive emotions to both partners.

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