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Studying in London comes with a ton of exciting benefits. Here are some of the various perks that come with this trip.

Motivations for studying in London

You are finally done with high school and now, it’s time to jump right into the college scene. Naturally, you want to go abroad but there are just so many places you can travel to. When it comes to choosing the right country for college, the options are inarguably plenty. Rest assured, each has its own perks which makes it incredibly hard to decide. 

However, if you don’t plan on taking a gap year, you need to speed it up. College applications are only open for so long and you certainly don’t want to miss your chance. 

When it comes to studying abroad, London certainly deserves a spot on your list. It’s one of the most cosmopolitan places across the globe, and very welcoming to students from different backgrounds. There is a treasure trove of internationally recognized universities in the capital including King’s College, London School of Economics, and much more.

Thousands of new students flock to the area every single year. The best part is that managing accommodation in London is rather easy. While you may have to expend considerable effort trying to get a decent apartment somewhere else, the process is much smoother in England’s most popular city.

Why? Because London is a student-city that enables a wonderful college experience. Even though prices can be a bit high, you can always make the most of long-term self storage deals from STORED or SSO while paying for a smaller apartment.

But is the ease of living the only motivation for you to study in London? Absolutely not! London can open your doors to a plethora of opportunities that you won’t be able to avail elsewhere. 

Here are 6 reasons why you should choose London for your academic ventures.

You have the chance to study at a coveted university

One of the biggest reasons why students prefer London over other places is because it hosts a long list of well-reputed universities. And these aren’t just any institutes, they flaunt global recognition and impressive rankings that are bound to secure your career.

The professors, too, are undeniably some of the best around the world. So, if you’re someone who believes that a good mentor makes for a great experience, there’s no way London will disappoint you!

The student life is great

There isn’t a single student out there who just looks forward to college because of its academic aspects. Everybody wants a nice student life, great places they can visit to unwind, and new faces they can make friends with. 

Safe to say, London has it all. Not only does it check every box in terms of stellar academics, but it offers an unparalleled experience to its college residents as well. You can do just about anything here! 

There are various pubs you can go to, spend a night at the nearest club with your friends, check out old museums, go on a city tour and the list goes on. 

The job scene is tempting enough to make you stay

You’ve probably heard that landing a good job in London is near impossible. Well, let’s debunk that myth once and for all. London is a hub for some of the best companies in the world – promising start-ups and international conglomerates that look forward to recruiting talented individuals like you every year.

Unfortunately, there’s this common misconception around finding work in London that deters people from giving the city a try. In reality, it’s not that complicated at all. With rising globalization and greater dependency on technology, competition has increased but that’s the same for everywhere!

As long as you have the grades, experience, and determination not to give up, London can be your one-way ticket to unbelievable success in whatever career you choose. Plus, you can always start your own business if you have an entrepreneurial streak waiting to take the stage.

Commuting is easy

You may be surprised to learn that London is the smallest city in England. Yet, it is still pretty large in itself. Naturally, traveling from one place to the other is a huge part of a student’s life. 

However, it’s not as expensive as you think! Your goal is to stay on budget and commuting is one way you can save some of those precious pounds. If you stay smart about it and ditch Uber, you’ll be able to travel within the city at discounted rates.

Traveling by rail is your best option and all students are eligible for a Railcard. You can register for one online depending on how long you’re staying and enjoy unbeatable price cuts. In fact, you can even get one-third of the entire price slashed in some cases!

Diversity is welcome

For many international students, moving abroad for studying presents a valid dilemma. There’s always that fear of feeling out of place, homesick, and isolated. While it cannot be denied that there’s nothing like your hometown, London tries its best to welcome foreigners with open arms.

As soon as you board a plane to the city, you are bound to see tons of diversity. People come here from all parts of the world and it won’t be unlikely if you find someone with the same ethnic roots as yours. If you’re lucky, the university you go to will have events dedicated to different countries which pave the way for amazing bonding times with people who share the same stories as you!

Managing accommodation isn’t that hard

Whether you choose to live in a dorm or rent an apartment, you don’t necessarily have to pay egregious amounts of money. Students usually don’t have much to bring along the first time they come to London, however, things do tend to accumulate. 

So, you might love your tiny apartment at first but once a year goes by, you’ll have to declutter at some point. With amazing long-term self storage deals from STORED and SSO to back you up, you never have to think about throwing a single item away.

SSO and STORED have earned their name as London’s most reliable companies for long-term self storage deals. Needless to say, plenty of students avail their services to make the most of their living space. Plus, if you rent a unit for 6 months or longer, you’ll get an additional discount on top of the 15% price cut-off reserved for students.

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