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Get ready to hang out with new friends after meeting them on Livebeam and improving your communication skills to make new connections!

What are 7 communication strategies to create new connections on Livebeam today?

Making new friends, sharing your thoughts and feelings with them only gets easier with a good communication strategy. Knowing which communication starters to use is also essential when you want to introduce yourself to a new connection. There is no such big difference in communication strategies whether you are speaking in real life or through a communication platform such as Livebeam.

To create a new connection you will need a good communication strategy, and this includes communication starters. Communication starters allow you to initiate a meaningful conversation with someone you just met.

Here are 7 communication strategies to create new connections:

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1. Offer compliments

People like to be praised or admired, and if you know how to do that well, there is no way you will not get a response. You don’t have to praise someone based on how they look physically, as this may sound offensive to some people. Instead, you can find something on them that looks nice, this can be a watch, a nice piece of jewelry they have on, or a dress.

For example, if they have a nice watch on, you can say this: “I like your watch, it looks so good on you.”

Saying this will make the other person feel appreciated, not just for looking good in their watch, but also for making a good choice of buying it. Most people will respond to you with “Thanks”, and once they do you can go on building the conversation.

2. Ask Questions

Asking questions is the simplest trick to getting a response back and therefore the best way to initiate communication with your new connection. You still need to be sensitive to the type of questions you ask. You don’t want to sound annoying.

There are many questions you can ask on Livebeam to create a new connection, for instance, you can check the bio of your potential connection and ask them something relevant about it.

For example, “I see you like football, which is your favorite team?”

This type of question is important because it touches on what the other person likes, so they will be happy to respond. Always remember to find ways of introducing yourself in the conversation, because that should be the aim of communication starters with new people.

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3. Find a common interest

You can easily create a connection with someone who has the same goals as you. For example, if you like to use the streaming feature on Livebeam, and you notice a connection with similar interest, you can easily approach them and say:

“Hey! I see you like streaming too, what is the most interesting thing you’ve watched so far? Mine is that funny cat.” (share a link to the funny cat video if you wish to).

This strategy will work most of the time, since you are presenting yourself as people with a common interest. Most people are comfortable being same-minded individuals, as it connects them more.

4. Be friendly

Being friendly means you are approachable and comfortable to be around. When setting up your profile, use a friendly tone in your bio. Say all the good stuff about yourself and your interests. Don’t sound too proud and always show that you are looking to make new connections with similar interests, or you are looking to connect to learn some new ideas while sharing your own thoughts and feelings with people.

5. Join groups

You can find streams on Livebeam, where joining a group conversation is easy, but creating new connections will be determined by your communication strategy. If you spot someone you like and wish to connect with them, you can second their opinions, like or comment on their posts, this will get you spotted and possibly get a response that will grow to new topics of discussion.

livebeam connections

6. Show your expertise

We are not asking you to go looking for people with issues you can fix on Livebeam. Instead, present yourself as a problem solver, so you can attract more connections. Your skills will play a huge role here.

For example, if you are good at website development, you can talk about it in your bio, including a line like: “I am an expert web designer and am willing to share more ideas with new connections with similar interests.”

7. Be patient

No matter what your communication strategy is, not everyone is going to respond to you fast. So you need to exercise patience. Avoid spamming people, wait for them to respond and if they don’t there are thousands of other new connections on Livebeam to reach out to.

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