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Lipstick Tasers: Helping Buyer’s Guide (2023)

Lipstick Tasers, or stun gun lipsticks, are devices exclusively for women for self-defense. They are designed like the structure of a lipstick tube but store a stun gun in it. These electric stun guns are growing more to provide outstanding protection to women. These guns are called lipstick stun guns because they are made in the shape of a lipstick tube and have a pointed tip for the gun. You can get your personal lipstick Taser from Global Sources. They have an extensive range of unique lipstick teasers for your safety. These lipstick Tasers are usually made non-fatal to knock down and cause temporary injury to a mugger. 

Why you should have a Lipstick Taser?

Lipstick Tasers are self-defense tools manufactured for women to feel safe and confident. These lipsticks have a stun gun devoted to them, providing them safety.

  • Women carry lipstick in their purses and bags to look presentable all day, so why not keep a Lipstick Taser in their wallet too?
  • These stun gun lipsticks will make them feel safer and protected anywhere, whether alone, traveling, or feeling followed by someone.
  • These stun gun lipsticks can get you the upper hand in any calamity situation. They are usually less violent and cause less injury, but a few Lipstick Tasers can even kill the aggressor.
  • These stun gun lipsticks can release up to 3 million volts, or 4.2 milliamps, that can easily disable any attacker. They can be used as a weapon to protect you from an attacker. Although they are not widely available, they are legal in most states, leaving a few cities, and it comes with some restrictions according to your state, age, and state federation laws. These stun gun lipsticks are easy to use in an emergency. 


Lipstick Tasers are devices that do look like usual lipsticks but work for self-defense in the case of an emergency. It has many features that fulfill all your needs and protect you. A few among them are given below:

  • Robust casing:

Ordinary lipstick cases are made with local materials that can easily cause breaking or damaging of the case, but these lipstick Tasers are made with aluminum metal or rigid plastic. Its exterior is also covered by a thick layer of rubber that makes them vital to endure accidental drops and prevent cracks and damage. 

  • Rechargeable:

These Lipstick Tasers are easily changeable. After recharging, you can easily plug in your device with its charger and shoot as many fires as you want.

  • A loud alarm:

These lipstick Tasers also have a loud alarm that can attract people‘s attraction towards you and the person trying to harm you when its button is pressed.  

  • A Red Laser Sight:

At night, it could be dark, and you could not be able to see the attacker if surrounded by any. This red laser sight feature of your stun gun lipstick would make it easy to see and help you determine the direction to hit the attacker. It is a fantastic feature in a lipstick Taser, but a few of them have it. 

  • Long Range:

This feature provides you a shield of protection from far as well. If you feel unsafe or feel attacked from behind, you can simply pull out your lipstick Taser and shoot. Most stun gun lipsticks can shoot up to a distance of 5-10 feet so that you would be safe and protected.

But firstly, it is essential to know how wide range your lipstick Taser can fire off. So, have complete knowledge of your lipstick Taser. 

Are you searching for a supreme Lipstick Taser?

If you are looking for an ideal lipstick Taser for self-defense, Then we got you the website!

Global Sources is the best website for you to get yourself a Lipstick Taser of your choice. They have a wide range of best-quality lipstick Tasers that offers you a lot of colors with a lot of convenient features. Check out their excellent quality lipstick Tasers on Global Sources if you want self-defense.


Lipstick Tasers are a great way to protect yourself. They provide excellent protection, help you survive the threat, and bring the attacker to your knees. So, what are the women waiting for? Go and get yourself a Lipstick Taser and feel more confident and safe.

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