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Lana Green Unveils “I Still Believe” – A Global Anthem of Unity and Diversity. International Music Phenom Collaborates with Musicians of Various Backgrounds for a Powerful Message of Love and Harmony

New York, November 2023 – In a groundbreaking musical endeavor, international singing sensation and Global Music Silver Award winner, Lana Green, introduces her latest single, “I Still Believe.” This inspirational anthem is a testament to unity, diversity, and the harmonious collaboration of musicians from different corners of the world, spanning various skin colors and cultural backgrounds.

Originally penned by Lana Green and multi-award-winning composer Phil Ginsburg, the composition gained momentum under the guidance of a US team of writers, including business veterans Michael Flannery and Iggy Kisil.

Recorded and produced by Iggy Kisil at the iconic Sweet Rains Studios in New York City, “I Still Believe” stands as a symbol of global creativity and collaboration. The song, initially inspired by Michael Jackson’s “We Are the World,” evolved into a massive project with input from a diverse ensemble of musicians and singers.

The international team contributing to this musical masterpiece includes renowned vocalist Alicia Olatuja, known for her captivating performance during President Obama’s inauguration, and the versatile Donnie T. Donnie T’s exceptional talent is showcased throughout the record as he seamlessly transitions between baritone, tenor, and falsetto, demonstrating his extraordinary vocal range and contributing to the rich tapestry of sound.

The collective musicianship on “I Still Believe” is a celebration of diversity, featuring talents such as Michael Flannery on acoustic guitar (USA), Nicky V on electric guitar (USA), Marco Toba on bass (Argentina), Glenn Welman on drums (South Africa), and Iggy Kisil on keyboards and programming. This multicultural collaboration creates a musical experience that transcends boundaries, uniting listeners across the globe.

As Lana Green’s vocals takes the central stage, supported by harmonies from Alicia Olatuja and Donnie T, the song’s message of hope and love is amplified. The lyrics resonate with a universal theme:

“I still believe in our hearts
We all have good in us
One day our world will resonate with peace, joy, and love
I still believe in our hearts
We all have good in us
And one day our world will resonate with peace, joy, and love”

This extraordinary anthem is a testament to the power of music to bridge cultural divides and celebrate the diversity that makes our world unique.

“I Still Believe” is out on all major internet platforms worldwide, and will be available on Apple Music and all major streaming platforms worldwide. 

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